Soon the food can be printed on a 3d printer

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In grocery stores, unusual products created with a 3D printer may soon appear. According to The Daily Mail, relevant developments are currently being conducted by German scientists who are engaged in the creation of so-called "soft food".

The idea is to create a food that looks nothing different from the ordinary, but its texture will be strikingly different. You can eat it without chewing. In this case, the taste of each product, whether vegetable or fruit or even a piece of meat, will remain unchanged.

The essence of the technology lies in the fact that traditional foods and dishes will be thoroughly peeled - up to the jelly-like state, and then reproduce with the help of 3D-technologies. Cooked so products can be stored in the freezer, and at the right moment simply get and warm up in the microwave oven.

The new invention is designed primarily for people experiencing problems with chewing and swallowing foods, such as elderly or those suffering from dysphagia. The development of "soft food" is carried out by the German company Biozoon.

Scientists note that the preparation of products can take into account the individual needs of different people - for example, change the size of the portion, the composition of nutrients, as well as the amount of vitamins.

Soon the food can be printed on a 3d printer
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