You can not rock your head during a rock concert - doctors

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Doctors banned to shake their head during a rock concert.

An example of the danger of such behavior is the case of a fan of Motorhead. A 50-year-old admirer formed a blood clot in the brain. The man had to go to the hospital, where he spent two weeks, tells The Daily Mail. He had a bad headache. And the pain intensified.

Computer tomography confirmed the bleeding on the right side, which resulted in the formation of a blood clot. The thrombus had to be surgically removed. It is known: this type of hematoma usually occurs after severe blows. But the patient has not been injured lately. But a month before the event, he went to the concert of his favorite band.

This is the fourth documented case of subdural hematoma, caused by the fact that people were shaking his head. In one case, a person died due to hematomas. If a person shakes his head heavily, the risk of vascular rupture increases. Doctors warn: this practice can provoke a rupture of the carotid artery, injuries to the neck, neck fracture and air accumulations in the chest cavity.

You can not rock your head during a rock concert - doctors
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