Yoga with hypertension

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The problem of high pressure is familiar to many. Some completely trust in medicine, others choose to treat themselves with folk remedies. We will consider the benefits of eastern practices and try to find out if yoga helps with hypertension.

Yoga is not just a sport, it's a philosophy that has been developed for centuries. In yoga, many techniques, a variety of poses and exercises, special techniques of breathing, meditation, so that anyone can find the best complex of exercises that can cope with virtually any illness.

And even with hypertension, yoga allows you to achieve stunning results. It is important to know about all the contraindications.

Yoga with hypertension: rules and contraindications

Theoretically, yoga classes do not have any age restrictions or restrictions on the level of physical training. But people who are suffering from high blood pressure should first take into account the stage of the disease. At the initial stage of hypertension, yoga can help completely eliminate the problem.

As with any other physical activity, yoga classes with hypertension have a number of limitations. In the first place, the inverted asanas should be avoided: poses with a large deflection in the back, lifting the pelvis and legs from the position of lying down, standing on the head and others. Also excluded are practices in which the breathing becomes intermittent.

The load should not be too intense. Not allowed during yoga practice at high pressure redness of the face and increase in pulse rate.

Yoga with Hypertension: Exercise

Yoga with hypertension should be relaxing. Next, we offer a list of the most effective and with this simple asanas.

  1. Beyond the pentagonal star. Stand straight, legs wider than shoulders. Socks look exactly straight. Pull your arms apart and pull them as far as possible. Lower your shoulders, pull the tops to the ceiling, point your eyes clearly in front of you. Inhale deeply through the abdomen and through the chest. Exhale slowly. Keep in such a position for 4-6 respiratory cycles.
  2. Outside the semicircle. Stand on your knees, move your right foot to the side so that the foot is completely lying on the floor. Gently lower your left arm to the floor under the shoulder. Pull the right arm up over your head. Hold in that position for a moment, and then repeat this exercise with the rest of the body.
  3. Outside the puppy. Get on your knees. Lower your hands to the floor and pull them as far as possible until the forehead touches the floor. Feel how the spine is pulled out. Breathe calmly and stay in position for a couple of minutes.

It's important to remember that yoga with hypertension is most effective in combination with a special diet, which will help you with the advice of an experienced doctor.

Yoga with hypertension
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