Yoga for the spine

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In the age of computer technology and seated lifestyle, the spine needs special support. Among the effective methods for preventing back diseases one of the leading places is yoga.

Yoga combines a variety of physical and spiritual practices. With the help of yoga for the spine, the correct distribution of the load occurs, the voltage from the vertebral column is removed.

When to start yoga classes

Starting a yoga practice is recommended since childhood, when the child is already able to repeat the movements following the teacher, in order to avoid frequent disturbances of pupils and students.

The traditional asana hatha-yoga eliminates sharp movements that allows them to be performed even by people with already existing initial pathology of the spine.

The effect can be obtained instantly, so the classes should be conducted on a regular basis under the guidance of an experienced qualified instructor, from the first days knows about problem areas and diagnoses came. It is noteworthy that yoga for the spine can be done at any time of the day.

The general benefit of yoga

Yoga should be perceived as a way of complex influence. Regular classes contribute to the overall strengthening of the body. Thanks to yoga classes:

  • Improves blood supply;
  • Gas exchange in tissues improves;
  • Respiratory rate and heart rate are normalized;
  • Nervous system strengthens;
  • Improves physical condition;
  • Increased working capacity.

Effect of Yoga on the Spine

In every yoga asana, the spine is used. Ancient practice helps for:

  • Formation of the correct posture;
  • Retraction of the spine;
  • Increase elasticity and flexibility;
  • Strengthening of the periorbular muscles;
  • Reduction of pain syndrome.

By how well each movement is executed, it is necessary to be carefully monitored. You do not need to enter the asanas, winning the pain. Avoiding dangerous injuries will help gradual complication of mastered practices.

One should not forget that yoga classes are not an alternative to medical treatment, but a harmonious supplement, which helps to accelerate the processes of recovery and general strengthening of the body.

Yoga for the spine
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