At the first symptoms of colds

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With the first symptoms of a cold, the human body seeks to repel the attack of viruses, and for this, the immune system produces whole cells of defense cells, which are called leukocytes. They distinguish a special antiviral fluid. Our task is to help the body in the fight against the disease.

We live in a time of advertising dominance, and over the majority of people are dominated by commercials calling for the fight against a cold using newfangled drugs that promise treatment as soon as possible. But is it worth resorting to serious drugs with the first signs of a cold? Is not it better to start with folk remedies that really help to defeat the disease, and make purchases in the pharmacy to a minimum?

Treatment rules for the first symptoms of a cold

The first "assistant" of the cold is overcooling. If you had to spend a long time in the cold, with the onset of the first predictors of a cold - sneezing, coughing, coughing - should be guided by simple rules:

  • You can not begin treatment with antibiotics - they are necessary for the treatment of complications and should be prescribed by a doctor;
  • It is not necessary to use soluble drugs for treatment - high concentration of active substances in them is intended for use in extreme cases;
  • The high cost of drugs is not evidence of their effectiveness in the application - it is better to begin treatment of the first signs of a cold from proven folk remedies.
  • Warming procedures can not be carried out at elevated temperatures.


With the first signs of a cold, runny nose is a symptom. To facilitate breathing, the most effective way is to inhale steam. When added to boiling oil of eucalyptus or menthol, relief comes in a matter of minutes.

Sore throat

To get rid of pain in the throat and peppermint, rinsing with herbal remedies is good. Chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort cope well with similar symptoms of colds, which appear first and lead to further temperature increases if the disease is not taken seriously. Any kind of lollipops and lozenges can only bring temporary relief, but it is better to destroy microbes with furatsilin solution.


For cough treatment, you can use ready-made December fees that are sold in the pharmacy, or make warming compresses. At the first signs of a cold, you must constantly monitor the temperature to refuse warming procedures in case of increase.

If you are experiencing signs of an impending illness, you need to take care of the drinking regime. All toxins that accumulate in the body when fighting infection, settle in the kidneys and are excreted in the urine, so you need to increase fluid intake. Best-fit morsa, herbal teas and milk with honey.

If you still chose drugs to treat the first signs of a cold, make sure that the different drugs taken at the same time do not repeat the active substances, otherwise it will lead to overdose. Regardless of how busy you are, remember that it is best to start a cold treatment on a timely basis than to put things to work and suffer from possible complications.

At the first symptoms of colds
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