Wisely isolated slime

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The process of salivation occurs reflexively and represents the allocation of saliva in the oral cavity. Clear secretion of saliva for a long time is not a norm and speaks of a violation in the body.

In the allocation of saliva involved three pairs of large glands: the parotid, submandibular and hyoid. At some states of the body, abundant salivation may be observed.

Clear secretion of saliva: reasons

In medicine, abundant salivation has been called gipersalivation. In this case, patients complain of increased volume of saliva and caused in this connection the need to constantly her spit. In order to detect abundant selection of saliva, it will be necessary to conduct a functional examination of the salivary glands. Reasons for which abnormal separation of salivary fluid may develop can be as follows:

  • gingivitis;
  • stomatitis;
  • Digestive system disease;
  • Nerve diseases;
  • Thyroid disease.

The secretion of salivation is a pathology of teeth. Clear secretion of saliva is observed in pregnant women during toxicosis. The reason for abundant salivation can be irritation of salivary receptors in the intoxication of the body with iodine and mercury. In young children, the secretion of saliva, as a rule, is due to teething.

If adults have high saliva secretion, this can be a symptom of esophageal cancer. In order not to miss the development of this ailment, it should be timely to examine the esophagus. If the amount of saliva allocated increases by a factor of two times compared with the normal state, it can serve as a sign of the organic defeat of the vegetative center. This process is typical of parkinsonism.

What to do with abundant selection of saliva

If you notice the discomfort of abundant saliva, then first of all you need to ask for help from a dentist, which will eliminate the disease in the oral cavity. Often, patients are faced with false gapsalivation, in which the disease is not confirmed during the examination. Also, the indicated symptom may be observed with violations in the central nervous system or in a neurosis, so using should contact the neuropathologist and the therapist. The clever allocation of saliva in case of oral cavity does not require separate treatment, because the body is thus protected. One should direct efforts to eliminate the disease, which led to the development of abundant salivation.

Wisely isolated slime
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