"winter" cleansing: the best way to maintain balance of the body

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In the winter season, it does not prevent the body from cleansing and removing it from excessive slags and toxins, in order to maintain it in balance and equilibrium. To do this, it's important to adjust your diet and be sure to introduce natural cleaners that are best to eat in the winter. Below is a list of such natural "yorzhiki" for cleaning the body.

Broccoli - This magnificent cabbage will completely provide the body with a decent portion of vitamins, eliminate toxins. It is best to cook broccoli for a couple, add it to soups and vegetable stew.

Grapefruit - This overseas fruit will lower the level of cholesterol, prevent the formation of stones in the kidneys and help the digestive system.

Cress salad - Perfectly rejuvenates and regenerates the cells of the whole body. Such a salad is the best natural diuretic.

Yes with Marijka - Such a dish can be prepared from the product mash, which has been used for millennia, it is easily digested and is a source of vegetable protein.

Lemons - These representatives of citrus are by right included in all detox diets. It is great to drink warm water with lemon in the winter before eating. It will help the body to clean naturally easily and easily.

Kings - This greens will help the body get rid of heavy metals, which can cause depression, cancer, hormonal problems and problems with the thyroid gland. Kinsey should be added to salads and vegetable side dishes as often as possible.

Avocado - Another overseas fruit that is the source of natural antioxidants. He is actively struggling with unrelated radicals. Due to its composition of vitamin C, it is a good restorer of strength for people suffering from various colds and viral diseases. Avocados are useful for the entire digestive system.

Carrot - With the regular use of this vegetable or freshly-made carrot juice, the body fully receives the supply of the necessary beta-carotene, which is useful for the health of the eyes, as well as for hair and skin.

Tomato juice - this favorite is a lot of low-calorie drink rich in potassium, vitamin C and lycopene. Tomato juice is a great antioxidant that fights fine with free radicals. Ideally add a few drops of olive oil to the juice - it will help the body to better absorb it. It is better to prepare tomato juice alone, so in the shops, juice with a lot of salt.

"winter" cleansing: the best way to maintain balance of the body
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