Why do teeth teething?

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It is believed that knocking or grinding teeth is a sign of a disorder of the nervous system. In fact, the problem may be complex.

The nervous system of a person is arranged in such a way that the manifestation of his disorder or irritation can be observed not only with nervous tics, but also with a knock or grinding of teeth both in consciousness and in a dream. Some consider this a hidden sign of epilepsy, others are a bad habit.

Biting teeth: causes

  • Mental imbalance;
  • nervousness;
  • Stress
  • Lack of magnesium;
  • overfatigue.

Toothbrushing in some cases can also be attributed to bad habits, such as in a boring environment. It is believed that knocking is a symptom of heart and stomach illness. But the main illness, which is accompanied by a "tooth scratch" or knocking of teeth, is considered bruxism.

Bite teeth: bruxism

Bruxism is a disease characterized by regular attacks of jaw muscle contractions, mostly in sleep. Because of this, there is a characteristic gripe or knock.

In itself, the disease does not pose a danger, but it is fraught with dental problems, since permanent high friction violates the structure of the tooth enamel, there are microcracks that gradually increase and can lead to:

Why do teeth teething?

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