Why lomit teeth

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The increased sensitivity of the teeth, or hyperesthesia, is one of the most common reasons for an appeal to a dentist. So why do teeth break and how to fight it?

Teeth are covered with enamel, which protects them from various injuries. It is 95% composed of inorganic substances and is the most dense tissue in the human body.

In the enamel there are no nerve endings, and therefore in the normal range, it is completely insensitive. However, sometimes teeth begin to tear in response to any external influence.

To cope with the increased sensitivity of the teeth, it is necessary first of all to determine its cause.

Manifestations of increased sensitivity of teeth

Hypersensitivity may occur in the area of ​​one, several or even all teeth. There can be a degree of discomfort. There are three degrees of hyperesthesia.

Why lomit teeth
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