Why poor yasna

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Healthy gums have pale pink color, smooth surface without swelling and cracks. If it is clear white, this may be a sign of the disease.

A person may not at all pay attention to the whitewashed gum, believing that the given symptom does not mean anything. Or, on the contrary, can immediately start to beat the alarm. But in the case when clear whitewashed, it is not necessary to either panic prematurely, nor relentlessly to his health.

The gum has whitened: possible causes

There are many causes of white gums. The main reasons are as follows.

  1. Stomatitis. This inflammatory disease of the gum mucosa most often occurs in young children. Stomatitis does not refer to dangerous diseases. But it causes very unpleasant symptoms. The white color of the gum with stomatitis is caused by a gray-white tint of purulent plaque that covers it. Later, from the white plaque on the gums there are painful ulcers. Ulcers bring a lot of suffering during hygiene procedures, when eating. In severe form, stomatitis may be a total defeat of the mucosa, which will be accompanied by high temperature. The main treatment is rinsing the mouth with special solutions and lubricating the ulcers with medical ointments. Diet is very important. You can not eat salty, sharp, sour food.
  2. Candidiasis or thrush. This is a fungal disease that both children and adults can suffer from. The most commonly occurring in adults is thrombosis after taking antibiotics. The intake of antibiotics changes the body's microflora. This leads to an increase in fungal cultures. Therefore, when appointing any antibiotic, the doctor should prescribe an antifungal drug. A milk thistle can accompany more serious illnesses. Candidiasis often occurs in diabetes mellitus, HIV infection. Therefore, when you have seen that your clear white color, it is important not to engage in self-medication, but to diagnose in a timely manner.
  3. If you have whitewashed gums, this may be the result of recent teeth whitening. During bleaching, bleach may get into the gum. If after that the clear remained smooth, do not hurt, then there is no reason to worry.

Prevention of gum disease

In order to keep the gums healthy, you need very little effort. Of great importance are regular hygiene procedures of the oral cavity. The food should contain the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Must avoid injury to the gums. Necessary regular review of oral cavity at the dentist.

Gum disease may be a symptom of many diseases. Usually these diseases are easily treated. But, in any case, if clear whitewashed, to diagnose and prescribe treatment should be a doctor. Therefore, it is so important to apply for qualified assistance in a timely manner.

Why poor yasna

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