Why do not men suffer from cellulite

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Where does orange peel take?

So affectionately known as cellulite, because the truth is somewhat similar, in some areas loose skin, bumps and vmyatynky. Why does it suddenly arise? Of course, not suddenly. First, the skin is slightly prypuhshoyu, but we do not pay attention, and when the draw - this is not the first stage of cellulite.

Cellulite is a violation of metabolic processes in the skin. Subcutaneous fat cells make supplies from the food that comes into our body. When we allow ourselves to any junk food, alcohol, spicy, smoked, preservatives, supplements, and also is not moving, smoke, take drugs not prescribed by a doctor - cells accumulate fat too active, greatly increased in size, compressing the surrounding blood vessels. As a result, fats and toxins are stuck under the skin for a long time, forming such from the accumulation of "dilated" cells. It is possible to cope with cellulite. Cosmetic companies make millions for those lazy who just want to rub the cream. But it's important to know where the truth is.

There are no magic creams

Get rid of orange peel with only one cream, even the most expensive, even with nanoparticles, though with pearl powder, while warming up, cooling though, unreal. After all, cellulite is not on the skin, but deep below it. And if the cream manufacturer calls its product anti-cellulite, then it is either cunning, or incompetent in cosmetology.

Spa treatments do not replace the gym

Procedures for soft massages and wraps may be pleasant to the skin, but ineffective in the fight against orange peel. But the massage with vacuum banks can seriously injure and contraindicated in varicose veins, so be sure to find out about all the pitfalls.

"At an early stage, when cellulite is not yet visible, a massage can help," says Nadejda Sankina, a beautician. - But at this time, few start to fight cellulite. But when the orange peal is already visible, some spa procedures can not do. It is necessary to fight complexly.


Genetics can give a woman the shape of a figure, as in my mother, for example - more fatty tissue in the buttocks and thighs and the propensity to cellulite. And then everything depends on us. Do not allow or overcome cellulite, everyone at any age, although later, the harder, because with age, metabolic processes are slowing down, and the skin loses elasticity.

Men do not have it

Oh, luck them! Men have a different structure of fatty tissues, subcutaneous fatty tissue. They just thicken. The puff appears, becomes thick, but without humps.

Sports - Required

But looking at what sport. Chess, of course, will not help. But the exercises aimed at working with the muscles, and just walking and a lot of movement - more and how! When exercising, excess fat is burned as fuel for muscle. And muscles, working, amplify the bloodstream, and toxins and decay products are more likely to be derived from the adipose tissue.

Liposuction does not save

Liposuction - fat removal. Usually from the hips, buttocks or stomach. Well, we will remove fat, we will even reset some kilos, but changes in the structure of the skin will not occur, which means that cellulite will remain with us.

How to fight

To win, you must fulfill several conditions at once:

1. Correctly eat. You need a balanced diet. Less fat and sugar, more fiber. Friends of the cellulite can be called coffee, alcohol, canned food and all foods that contain nutritional supplements and flavor enhancers.

2. Move. Exercises ONLY for legs or buttocks will not help. After all, blood flow needs to be improved throughout the body. You can take a couple of lessons from a competent trainer to make a program with a proportional load.

3. Creams still need to be used properly. But first, it's important to find out if everything is okay with your veins. And can you use warming or cooling lotions. It is good to use a warming up before training, and after a workout and after a shower - a cream with the effect of lifting to tighten the skin and add to it elasticity.

4. If it is possible, you can do 10 sessions of a special anti-cellulite massage. All manual massagers, which need to rub their legs independently, will not give a result.

Why do not men suffer from cellulite
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