Why is yellow fever on the teeth?

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A beautiful and healthy smile that kills bad guys is the dream of many people. But this dream is not available to everyone. Raising yellow on the teeth and just yellow teeth naturally require the use of special methods and means of bleaching.

Reasonable use of bleaching methods in combination with proper oral hygiene and timely prophylactic visits by the dentist can help in the acquisition of a snow-white smile and maintain the health of teeth.

Plaque yellow on the teeth: myths and truth

It has long been thought that a yellow plaque on teeth indicates bad health. This is fundamentally wrong when it comes to the natural color of the teeth. The enamel is as transparent and practically does not affect the color of the teeth. And the color adds the inner part of the tooth - dentin. Therefore, if the color of the teeth from birth is yellow, and not changed due to bad hygiene or bad habits, then such teeth are more durable.

Also, many believe that bleaching is dangerous, while others - it is absolutely safe for health. Both, and the other is wrong. If you whiten your teeth, removing them from the yellow tint, very carefully and often, it can lead to the destruction of enamel or gum inflammation, and then you will have to not look for a new method of bleaching, and treat what is left of healthy teeth.

Methods of teeth whitening at home and professional methods

Today there are a variety of bleaching methods that will not allow yellow plaque to remain on your teeth. Virtually all bleaching methods are aimed at clearing from a soft yellow plaque, and only a small part is able to cope with a dental stone.

Methods of whitening teeth are divided into professional and home.

  1. Professional ways:
  • In dental clinics, with the help of ultrasound, the yellow layer and the tooth stone is removed easily and safely for enamel on the teeth. After that, the teeth are polished with a special paste that protects against harmful effects;
  • There is a way for a deeper bleaching, where a number of acids are commonly used. This method makes the enamel loose, because to some extent it destroys the tissues of the tooth. However, this method allows you to whiten even the naturally yellow teeth. It is worth noting that sometimes such bleaching can make the color of the teeth unnaturally white.
  1. Home ways:
  • One of the easiest and most popular ways to whiten the plaque yellow on your teeth - the use of a special whitening toothpaste;
  • Use cases with a special whitening solution. Usually such a case should be put on teeth daily for a certain time within two weeks.

You can use the "grandmother" methods. However, you need to reasonably approach this issue.

In general, plaque yellow on your teeth is easy to remove. It is only necessary to choose the most convenient way, and, of course, do not forget about the hygiene of the oral cavity.

Why is yellow fever on the teeth?
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