Why hurts simultaneously an ear and a tooth

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A person in his life often faces pain. Sometimes you can take an analgesic, sometimes you should seek help from a doctor. But what to do when both the ear and the tooth are sore?

Tooth and ear pain even deliver a considerable amount of flour. And if you have an ear and a tooth at the same time, a person experiences great suffering. There are several reasons for this pain.

Why simultaneously an ear and a toothache hurts?

There are several main causes of simultaneous pain in the ear and tooth:

  1. Disease of the teeth. Toothache, which gives in the ear, can occur with various diseases of teeth - caries, pulpitis, periodontitis. It is best to contact a dentist in this case. If there is no such opportunity, you can temporarily try to relieve pain on your own. First you need to take an analgesic. Then you can rinse your teeth with a warm soda solution. It has antiseptic properties. For rinsing well suited decoctions of medicinal herbs - chamomile, sage, oak bark.
  2. Cutting a tooth of wisdom. This process is often accompanied by complications. The inflammation of the tissues around the tooth often occurs most often. There are very intense pain in the tooth and the ear. Sometimes the muscles of the face and lymph nodes are drawn into the process. There may be pain when it is yawning, mouth opening, swallowing. When inflammation of the wisdom tooth is often a deterioration of the general state of the organism. The patient has a headache, body temperature rises. Appearing swelling in the area of ​​the toothache, his mucous membrane becomes red and painful. When pushed on the inflamed tissue may be manure. In this condition, you should immediately seek medical attention.
  3. Neuralgia. It happens that sore tooth and ear with neuralgia trigeminal nerve. Pain sensations arise suddenly and can last for two minutes. By their character, they resemble an electric shock. In this case, there is often reddening of the face, spasms of chewing and mimic muscles. In neuralgia trigeminal nerve it is necessary to turn to the neuropathologist. Only he can prescribe effective treatment.

Prevention of diseases

Of great importance is the prevention of diseases. You need to monitor the condition of your teeth. At least once a half a year, you need to undergo a dental examination. Tooth with caries is a constant source of infection. If you experience pain when pricking a tooth of wisdom you need to seek help from a dentist. To prevent neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve, it is important not to overcook.

If it hurts both tooth and ear at the same time, it is important to understand the cause of such pain. Depending on the cause, proper treatment is prescribed. It is best if the treatment is conducted under the supervision of a qualified specialist.

Why hurts simultaneously an ear and a tooth
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