Why hurt root tooth

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In dental practice, patients with root canal diseases are very common. One of the main symptoms of the pathology of this part of the tooth is a characteristic pain, which can cause inflammation, baldness of the roots of the teeth, their cyst, or granuloma.

The vulnerability of the roots of the teeth is due to the fact that they have a complex anatomical structure, and their location in the gum tissue does not allow to examine this part of the tooth. The inaccessibility of the roots of the tooth often leads to the fact that the initial symptoms of the disease remain unnoticed, and the dentist only applies when it begins to torment a strong toothache.

If you experience the first unpleasant sensations in the root of the tooth, you need to get help from a specialist who will review, determine the cause of the pain and prescribe treatment.

Causes of inflammation of the roots of the tooth

The main causes of inflammation of the roots of the tooth are:

  • Pulpitis
  • Granuloma of the root of the tooth;
  • Cyst root of the tooth;
  • Baldness of the roots of the tooth;
  • Fractures of the roots of the teeth.

Pulpit is an inflammation of the nerve bundle of the tooth. Its cause, as a rule, serves as a launch caries. The pathogenic microbes, getting through the broken tooth tissue in the nervous canal, cause it to inflammation. If the process is not stopped, then it will spread deep into the tooth, striking the root nerves and gum tissue around them, causing periodontitis.

Pulpit can occur in acute and chronic form. In the first case, it is accompanied by a constant pulsating pain. Also, over time, purulent abscess may develop in the gums, which leads to an increase in the temperature of the patient's body and a deterioration in his state of health.

In chronic pulpitis, painful symptoms may be absent, but this form of inflammation of the root nerves, dangerous to the presence of a constant source of infection in the body, also requires compulsory treatment.

With granuloma of the roots of the tooth in the area of ​​the upper part of the root of the tooth, a small cavity, filled with manure, forms. The first symptoms of granulomas are general weakness, which ingeses pain in the affected area, severe gingival edema. Also, with granuloma, darkening of the patient's tooth may be observed.

Under the cyst of the tooth is meant inflammatory formation in the form of a capsule filled with liquid. It is located at the top of the root of the tooth.

The causes of the cyst are infection as a result of tooth injury, deep caries, and defective granuloma.

Dentists call the cyst a bomb of delayed action. The cynicism of this disease is that it does not immediately manifest itself, but it is a source of microbes. When the cyst is formed into a dense capsule measuring several centimeters, the disease is included in the acute stage accompanied by an increase in body temperature, a tumor in the region of the toothache, pain in the mechanical impact on it.

The reasons for the rooting of the teeth can be:

  • The presence of dental stones;
  • Periodontitis;
  • Periodontal disease;
  • Wrong traumatic tooth cleaning.

In addition to aesthetic inconveniences, the bare root of the tooth can cause pain.

Mechanical damage to the tooth may damage the integrity of its roots. The cause of the fracture is injury as a result of falling, impact, hit on the tooth while chewing a solid object.

Most often there are fractures of the roots of the upper anterior incisors. The symptoms of a fracture are severe pain in the area of ​​the damaged tooth, which increases when you try to open your mouth, tooth mobility and gum bleeding.

Methods of treatment of roots of a tooth

Successful treatment of the roots of the tooth requires a high professionalism of the doctor and the availability of modern dental equipment, including a special microscope.

Therapy of a damaged tooth during pulpitis includes:

  • Root canal cleaning;
  • Medical treatment of the hearth of inflammation;
  • Sealing of root canals.

If treatment of damaged tooth is impossible, it is removed.

Treatment of bone and granulomas of the root of the tooth can be therapeutic and surgical, in which the damaged part of the tooth is removed, and then its shape is restored.

Why hurt root tooth
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