Why does it blight on the tooth?

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Toothache suffers at least once the life of almost all people. There are many reasons for its occurrence. What can I do if the pain is painful near the tooth?

Before you start taking these or other medicines, you need to find out the cause of gum pain. There may be several of them.

Causes of Gum Pain:

Pain in the gums can be caused by various reasons:

  • gingivitis. If the gums hurts around the neck of the tooth, then perhaps it is one of the inflammatory diseases: gingivitis or flux (abscess). The pain is still constant. When you click on the affected area, it usually increases. When gingivitis, the pain has a local character, and in the abscess - it gives in the ear or temporal. The flux provokes a wider edema - up to 3 cm in diameter. In case of inflammation of the gums, their bleeding may appear, as well as teething;
  • The formation of a subterranean tartar. In the case of irregular brushing of teeth, the plaque on them over time hardens, and dental stones are formed. If they are located on the border with gums, then there is a deepening of the gingival pocket (wells), and inflammation begins. The area around the pocket hurts. The gum swells around the tooth. If you do not treat dental stones in time, the teeth will tear up, and eventually you can lose it;
  • Sometimes it is painful near the tooth that has recently been sealed. This means that the seal is placed incorrectly. Or it is installed directly on the gums and presses on it. Or the seal itself is leaky, and around it there was an infection;
  • After tooth extraction very often it is painful. Around the tooth that was removed, there is swelling and inflammation. This may be due to infection during or after surgery.

Home remedies for gum pain

At home, effective methods of treating pain in the gums are rinsing with herbal decoctions and infusions, as well as a solution of soda and salt. It is important to know that the solution should be used in a warm, but not hot form. For example, a glass of warm boiled water takes half a teaspoon of soda and one drop of iodine. Iodine has an antiseptic effect, and soda is anti-inflammatory.

Treats of medicinal herbs also remove inflammation and pain. If the nail is clear around the tooth that has recently been sealed, you can rinse the broth of chamomile medicinal (50 g of herbs on 2 cups of water). When the gum is bleeding and aching near the tooth, the decoction of the leaves of sage and oak bark is very helpful (at a rate of 1: 1). Also for rinsing the oral cavity with any inflammatory diseases in folk medicine is used infusion of St. John's wort and chamomile (2 tablespoons spice herbs with St. John's wort and 1 st. Spoon of chamomile for 2 cups of water). You can use alcohol tincture of calendula. For this, 1 teaspoon of calendula is bred in a large glass of water and rinse your mouth.

Folk remedies work well with gum disease of different origins, but use them better after consulting a physician. An experienced dentist will make the correct diagnosis, identify the cause of the pain and appoint appropriate treatment.

Why does it blight on the tooth?

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