Why does cancer give relapse?

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Scientists from the London Institute of Cancer, who for decades have been trying to find out why after surgery and other procedures, patients are again exposed to cancer cells, claim they found a solution to this phenomenon.

How do they manage to go into a counterattack?

The British claim that cancer cells have learned to deceive modern medicine. As a rule, doctors manage to detect a malignant tumor and start actions that can save a person's life. It would seem that all analyzes show that the patient has come to the norm and the disease is defeated, but it turns out that this is not quite the case. It can take years, sometimes decades, but cancer comes back. Why?

The version of the London scientists is reduced to the fact that cancer cells have learned to resist the achievements of modern medicine. And when the tumor is subjected to chemotherapy attacks, some cells manage to cheat doctors: they "pretend" to the dead, but in fact, as it were, hibernate, and sooner or later return to their devastating activity. Some ten or more years to destroy a person.

The scientific community believes that the discovery, on which the British insist, may be the direction for finding new methods of treating the disease. Including in order to develop such therapeutic techniques that will handle the cancer cells that fall into anabiosis. In this case, scientists hope, the relapse of the disease will be extremely unlikely, practically equal to zero.

It is also reported that the findings of specialists from the London Institute are based on studies of blood and bone marrow of patients suffering from oncological diseases, and the tests were taken on the same people regularly, for many years.

Israeli scholars have a different point of view

Specialists from the Israeli Institute of Weissman hold a different point of view on the causes of recurrence of cancer, including after chemotherapy. In their view, after this type of treatment, cancer cells still die, but there are new ones that are present only in the embryo. Therefore, the development of oncology should go in this direction - the search for drugs that can kill these stem cells of cancer, which yet do not show themselves.

What the scientific world converges in

And yet, there are positions in which oncologists around the world have a common opinion. In particular, they are convinced that, despite the significant progress made in the fight against cancer, when the detection of this disease ceases to be an unambiguous death sentence, the search for new therapeutic methods and means should be continued with triple energy.

This is especially important, since cancer cells - the enemy is extremely dangerous, they have learned to adapt to the conditions of the war with modern medicine, "hide", to mutate. It is not paradoxical, but they are fighting for survival, not even suspecting that they carry death to a person, and with his death they are doomed to the same thing.

Also oncologists are not inclined to believe there is information about the miraculous properties of some products that can suppress cancer cells. In this they see only an advertising company called to increase sales. Fruits and vegetables can strengthen the immune system, provide the body with the necessary vitamins, but no more. The decisive word in the past remains scientific and practical medicine.

Why does cancer give relapse?
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