Why you need a computer diagnostic sight

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Properly diagnosed is very important for a competent choice of treatment. Computer diagnostics of vision - the most accurate diagnostic method in ophthalmology.

Computer vision diagnostics makes it possible to detect virtually all eye diseases. To conduct a full review of all eye structures, devices that give an increase of 60-90 times are used. In this case, all diagnostic studies are contactless and painless.

Indications for computer diagnostics of vision

Ophthalmic computer diagnostics is carried out according to the following indicators:

  • Assessment of the patient's eyes, eye diseases and pathologies in the early stages;
  • Definition of the optimal treatment program for preventing complications;
  • Determination of expediency and possibility of conducting the necessary operation.

Comprehensive visual examination should take place at any age. This is especially important after 40 years, when the risk of eye diseases increases significantly.

How does the computer diagnostics of vision pass

The main stages of this study include the following.

Why you need a computer diagnostic sight
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