Why do teeth aging

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All about age changes in the tooth.

Teeth - formation in the oral cavity, consisting mainly of solid tissues. The tooth can be divided into three parts: the crown (the visible part of the tooth) root and neck (dividing element between the crown and root).

The bulk of the tooth is dentin, solid bone formation, in the crown covered with enamel. Inside the tooth is a cavity - the root canal, filled with tooth pulp, or pulp. The canal opens at the end of the root through the opening through which the blood vessels and nerve fibers penetrate into the cavity of the tooth.

Through the bloodstream the tooth receives nutrients through which the tooth enamel is constantly updated, like the skin. Nature has a competent mechanism of protecting teeth from damage, but with age it ceases to work: the enamel of the tooth begins to collapse.

Age changes in the tooth

The older we become, the more often we have to visit a dentist, and dentures in people after forty - a common occurrence. Lack of calcium and vitamins, poor care and heredity - all this provokes age-related changes in the tooth. The more the teeth are opened, the faster they will be lived years.

When the body is young and full of energy, tooth protects itself by using natural mineralization process by which a tooth comes minerals to protect tooth enamel from destruction. In aging tissues, the mineralization process is inhibited, and nutrients to the tooth is not enough.

Can I stop the changes?

When the first artificial element appears in the oral cavity, it largely depends on the person himself. Proper nutrition, quality care and a regular visit to the dentist - the immutable rules, through which you can keep your teeth healthy for a long time.

To date, the dentist can not only find the cells of destruction, but also determine the level of mineralization of the tooth. With the help of the tools that fill the defect protect the tooth elements, you can stop the process of demineralization and keep your teeth healthy for many years.

Why do teeth aging

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