Why crisis your knee: causes and treatments

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Sounds in the joints - a phenomenon that occurs in many. Usually it is typical for people of middle age, but it can appear at any time, even in children. The most commonly crunching knees with physical activity, squatting, fatigue.

The crunch in the knees signals that the joints need help that the cartilaginous tissue is depleted, which means that it is necessary to take certain measures. There are a number of ways to improve the situation in a matter of months.

From what the knees crumble

The main reason for crumpling your knees is muscle weakness and cartilage problems. This is not always a sign of a serious illness, but you still need to see a doctor to complete a survey. There are other reasons for the appearance of runny nose in the knees:

  • A knee injury that violated the integrity of the inner tissues. Because of offset oninoplevnovazayimodejut with each other;
  • Large knee loads are a common cause for which your knees crumble. It can be lifting heavy objects (once and continuously) or exhausting workouts;
  • The wrong diet can also affect the health of the knees. The excess of sweet, sharp and salty very strongly affects the health of joints;
  • Excessive weight causes knee loads. The greater the weight, the harder the joints to cope with the support of the body;
  • High heels can cause damage to the tissues of the joints. If the knees are stifled, this is the first sign of such a defeat;
  • A sedentary lifestyle can cause joint disease. The lack of regular loads weakens the muscles, negatively affects the condition of the joints.

Treatment of joints

In order to make sure that there are no serious diseases, you need to contact a specialist. The doctor will recommend taking tests that show the general condition of the body, as well as tell about the condition of the joints. In most cases, when crusting your knees, you can be cured if the process is not started.

It is possible to treat knees with a folk remedy. There are several general recommendations that will lead to a quick and significant improvement:

  • Get involved in sports Choose a gym that reduces the load on your knees, but it strengthens the muscles. If you often do sports, change the load, reduce pressure on the joints for several months so that your knees no longer crunch;
  • Change the diet. Such measures in 1-2 months will give the result. Eat more protein foods, as well as vegetables and fruits;
  • Control your weight. Find out from the dietitian what is the optimum body weight for you to stick to. If there are extra pounds, they adversely affect the knees. Any joints in this case experience constant high loads, which can not but cause discomfort;
  • Take warm baths every day, do knee massage to reduce tension. If it is possible, contact a professional masseuse.

If the crumbling knee is a problem that can be solved without much effort. Try the methods described above, and you will receive results in a month. But if this does not happen, be sure to contact your doctor to complete a survey.

Why crisis your knee: causes and treatments
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