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Have you ever wondered why rumbling in the abdomen after eating begins? Why does our stomach produce strange sounds at this time? Let's try to figure it out.

From time to time, every person can grow bored in his stomach. This may not be due to eating. In addition, we do not always pay attention to such physiological processes, believing that this should be: therefore, the body works. What is happening in the stomach at this moment, and whether you should be afraid of such rumbling, we will consider with you in this article.

Stomach upset after eating

Probably everyone faced such a symptom, but before eating. When we want to eat, the stomach occasionally reminds us of this with our grumbling. The walls of the stomach are reduced, gastric gases are produced, which together with air form such sounds. And here are the reasons why rumbling in the abdomen occurs after eating, we will now examine in more detail.

So, why do we see a rumbling in the stomach after eating?

  1. The first cause of rumbling in the stomach after taking food is bloating (flatulence). At this moment in the intestine there is a strong accumulation of gases.
  2. The reason for the appearance of such symptoms may be oily, heavy food (pork, fast food, dairy products, confectionery, candy), which is poorly digested.
  3. Incorrect combination of food during food leads to fermentation processes, which also causes the stomach to start to tumble.
  4. Excessive intake of carbonated drinks can also provoke the formation of gases in the digestive tract.

From the above, we can draw the following conclusion: most often problems with digestion, which rash the stomach as a result, we create by ourselves what we eat badly.

Stomach upset after a meal: exacerbation of chronic diseases

Either way, having health problems, we can sometimes provoke exacerbation of chronic diseases, allowing mistakes in nutrition. What else can be caused by a rumbling in the stomach after eating?

  1. Stomach upset after a meal may occur due to stress or anxiety. In this case, it is not recommended to worry much and worry about trivialities. You need to strengthen your nerves and necessarily consult with a specialist, as stress can be the cause of more complex diseases.
  2. With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, rumbling in the abdomen can occur both before and after food. In this case, in addition to the rumbling, there are the following symptoms: nausea, bad breath, tight plaque, general malaise. In the presence of gastritis, you need to go to a doctor and undergo a course of therapeutic treatment.
  3. Another reason for rumbling in the stomach after eating is dysbiosis.

Having such a health problem, it's best to periodically regulate them with a systematic observation from your treating physician.

At first glance, the usual rumbling in the stomach may be due to physiological processes of digestion of food, however, the question should be given attention. Perhaps the cause of the origin of strange sounds in the abdomen may be the result of a serious illness.

Why burns in liveliness

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