White spots on the teeth: reasons

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The health of the whole body can be reliably judged on the teeth, more precisely on the color of the tooth enamel. Each person has this color individually, but if there are any spots on the teeth, then this is a deviation from the norm.

White spots on the teeth are a part of the enamel, on which part of the mineral layer on the enamel of the tooth was damaged. This area becomes dull and stops shining. This phenomenon may be the result of congenital or acquired illness.

Reasons for the appearance of white spots on the teeth

  1. Caries - always begins with damage to the upper layer of enamel of the tooth and initially may appear as a white stain on the tooth.
  2. Fluorosis - manifests itself if the body has excess fluoride content and may appear in people living in places where water is excessively fluorinated.
  3. Hypoplasia - a violation of the structure of enamel of the tooth: on the teeth of teeth may appear as a result of disorders in the prenatal development (mother's toxicosis, disturbances in digestion, and transmitted viral diseases during pregnancy); On permanent teeth appears as a result of the suffered complex infectious diseases, in violation of the endocrine and digestive systems of the organism.

How to remove white spots on your teeth

If you find on the teeth white spots in the very near future you should contact the dentist.

If the cause of the appearance of a white spot on the tooth is caries, then it needs to be treated.

The hypoplasia can be eliminated by restoring the affected areas of the tooth, combined with the filling of minerals in the human body and in the enamel of the teeth. A doctor in this case may prescribe special medications or administering mineral preparations by electrophoresis.

For children with milk teeth, the doctor prescribes a special diet, which includes foods with high calcium content, and can additionally apply protective coating (silver) to the enamel of the milk tooth.

If the cause of white spots on the teeth is fluorosis, then it is difficult to get rid of them. Visually visible spots are removed by restoration, but in order to prevent this disease from further progressing, it is necessary to adhere to a certain diet and rules:

  • Use toothpastes that do not contain fluorine;
  • To exclude from the diet fluoride-containing products (fish, spinach, walnuts, etc.).

Diseases of the teeth are insidious, and if in due time do not eliminate their causes, then you can not only deprive the teeth of attractiveness, but in the end to stay completely without them.

White spots on the teeth: reasons
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