White spots on the skin

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A pronounced cosmetological defect - white spots on the skin - provokes a vitiligo disease, which is still not thoroughly studied by specialists.

The discoloration of the skin is due to the fact that the cells of the epidermis cease to produce a pigment melanin.

The disease begins with the appearance of small light spots, which later grow, merging with each other, capturing more and more open areas of the skin.

In most cases Vitiligo affects the facial skin, elbows, knees, hands.

Causes of white spots

Vitiligo is prone to people of both sexes, but more often this disease occurs in women. In most cases, the first symptoms of the disease manifest to 20-30 years. Despite the fact that cases of skin depigmentation are fairly widespread throughout the world, until the end it has not yet been studied.

Among the causes that cause vitiligo, doctors call the genetic predisposition, failure in the work of metabolism, transmitted viral infections, violation of the activity of the endocrine system and organs of selection. Adverse factors can be stressful situations, respiratory diseases, digestion, disorders of the nervous system, sunburn.

In addition, the trigger for the appearance of vitiligo can serve as a negative attitude towards themselves and the outside world, depressed and depressed state.

Methods of treatment of vitiligo

Weakly pronounced white spots of a small size can be masked with the help of stable tonal creams and powder.

Poetherapy helps to cope with vitiligo by ultraviolet light therapy in combination with vitamin E.

To stimulate the immunity of the body is shown the administration of drugs, which must be taken strictly in the appointment of a doctor.

Preparations such as vitamins B12, E, C, folic acid, copper sulfate solution, help the skin produce melanin.

The psychological state of vitiligo also needs to be corrected. For this purpose, self-guards, sessions of psychotherapy, sedative medications and recipes of folk medicine are used.

A good effect in treating white spots on the skin is by providing a dosed sun bath and a visit to the solarium. Since the depigmented skin is prone to burns, it is necessary to use sunscreens with a high protection factor during sunburn.

Diet with Vitiligo

To restore the correct metabolism and saturation of the body with so-called photodynamic substances, it is recommended that you follow a particular diet.

It is recommended to include in the menu as much seafood (fish, seaweed), use iodized salt. In the diet should be present bean, a variety of vegetables and fruits, pumpkin seeds and ginger. Drink mostly green tea with mint. Before each meal, it is recommended to eat any raw vegetable or fruit. Prohibited semi-finished products, smoked meat, chocolate, coffee, alcohol.

Adjunct to diet will herbal teas and teas with hypericum, sundew, yarrow, black currant leaves and others.

White spots on the skin
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