White is clear to the baby

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The type of healthy gums is known to everyone: gums should be pale pink and smooth, without cracks and swelling. However, in our day a person with absolutely healthy gums - a rarity, and the white gums in the child the more you can see quite often.

Most cases of gum disease occur imperceptibly and without pronounced symptoms. Therefore, they are difficult to recognize and timely cure. Only later stages of the disease develop painful symptoms, which can no longer be neglected. Therefore, it should be more accurately related to the white ash of the child.

Are white gums dangerous?

From the redness of the gum, almost everybody encountered and almost everyone knows that this is a consequence of the inflammatory process. But with a white patch on gums, everything is much more complicated. Because the exact cause of its occurrence is extremely problematic.

Usually people do not pay attention to white plaque, or immediately begin to experience this. In fact, it is not necessary to over-panic, but also to be frivolous is not worth it, as the cause of white gums may be various diseases.

Light is clear in young children most often is a sign of the appearance of such a disease as stomatitis - inflammation of the oral mucosa. Stomatitis itself is not dangerous, but extremely painful. In the absence of treatment, white plaque is converted into small ulcers, which are seared when eating and brushing teeth. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the first signs of the disease in a timely manner and to identify the white gums in the child.

Causes and features of white gums

White gum can be a consequence of diseases such as:

  • stomatitis;
  • cyst;
  • Thrush or candidiasis;
  • diabetes;
  • Gum cancer;
  • HIV infection.

White gums in a child appear as a consequence of various diseases and activity of bacteria in the oral cavity. Whiten gums with stomatitis due to the fact that they are covered by a thin layer of purulent plaque gray and white. At the initial stage of the disease, it is easily treated by gargle and diet: it is necessary to exclude acute, acidic and salty foods and prefer soft foods that do not injure the skin of the mouth.

Also, white gums in the baby may be a signal of the presence of mold candida in the body, or, in other words, thrush. This disease is prone to both children and adults. A milk thistle is very common in infants who are infected with a fungus during labor, if the woman was ill.

In adults, thrush is most often associated with taking antibiotics: as a result of their intake, the microflora of the body is disturbed, which leads to the growth of fungi. Therefore, when taking antibiotics should be used antifungal drugs.

If you find a white gum in your baby, consult a dentist to identify the causes, as different illnesses that cause gum bleeding are treated differently. It should also be borne in mind that thrush can be a sign of more serious illness. For example, the appearance of thrush can be a consequence of diabetes or HIV infection. Therefore, doing self-treatment of white gums in a child is not recommended, but should contact a dentist.

White is clear to the baby
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