When it comes to telling children about intimate intimacy - the advice of a gynecologist

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Anna, it is known that early onset of sexual activity can lead to various problems, and whether it can provoke them, on the contrary, too late, the first proximity. In your opinion, what age is best for the first sexual experience?

The optimal age for sexual intercourse is between 18 and 25 years old. However, one must also take into account the individual characteristics, psychological and social readiness to enter into adulthood. Late sexual experience may be accompanied by physiological difficulties. After this age, the number of complaints of pain or even impossibility of sexual intercourse is often increased due to the rigid (dense) mauve plumu.

How do you think the younger generation should learn about sex? Should parents care about correct sexual education of children?

In schools, lessons about sexual education should be conducted by a specialist who has knowledge not only of child and adolescent psychology, but also of modern methods of contraception and sexually transmitted infections. Parents, of course, must also take part in this process. But it is often difficult for parents to talk on explicit topics and they lack special knowledge.

Trustful relationship with parents is very good. Ideally, the approach should be comprehensive: parents, school, and accessible verified literature in which the child can read what interests her.

And how many years have children talked about intimate intimacy? What's the best way to tell kids when they ask questions: Where do children come from?

The main rule is to tell the truth. If a child at 4 years of age asks where she came from, then she tells me that she is a mother's belly. One can tell about fertilization, saying that the dad's cell and mother's cell met, without going into details. Children, as a rule, quickly lose interest if they answer the question.

More active interest in the sexual life of children begins with the period of 8-10 years, when the first signs of puberty begin to appear, such as inguish hemorrhage (adrenarche). At this time, children are already interested in all the nuances. It is advisable to give the child the most truthful information during this period. It's hard to protect a child from the Internet during the Internet. Therefore, it is very important that the first information about sex is scientific and neutral.

Anna, Now on the shelves of stores you can find a lot of means for intimate hygiene, for example, various gels. Tell me, is it true that they are better than ordinary cute? Should I use only them?

The entire arsenal of intimate hygiene products is only useful to marketers who need to increase sales. For intimate hygiene there is enough ordinary tap water from the tap. Frequent use of soap is also not recommended. Any cute, whatever it is liquid and "neutral", violates the natural acidity of the vagina, which can provoke microflora.

Now many women of fair sex are wearing thongs. Is not it harmful? Is it possible to wear such linen permanently?

The thorns through their structure contribute to the deterioration of the intestinal flora in the vagina, which can lead to a violation of the microflora of the vagina and provoke dysbiosis. Therefore, I would not recommend wearing them permanently.

And does women's health affect the fabric from which the underwear is worn?

Yes of course. Linen from synthetic tissue prevents the normal flow of oxygen to the perianal region, resulting in an increase in the biocenosis of the vagina of anaerobic flora. Symptoms of dysbiosis can be as an increase in vaginal secretions, the appearance of bad breath, and the appearance of discomfort and itching.

Let's now talk about such an important process as childbirth. In many European countries, for a long time, almost all women give birth to anesthesia, in our country, nevertheless, more often, births are carried out without anesthesia. Why?

Childbirth is a physiological process, and any intervention can have its consequences. The issue of childbirth pain should always be resolved individually, taking into account a lot of parameters: from the psychological mood of the mother to the conditions of medical care in the hospital. There is also evidence that anesthesia during childbirth can lead to a disturbance in the further attachment of the mother to the offspring. It was proved that it was on animal models.

Anna, and in what cases, would you recommend, nevertheless, to anesthetize the birth process?

As I said, this is a very individual question. For example, one of the medical indications for childbirth pain is the presence in childbirth of discoordination of labor activity. But in such a situation the decision is taken by a doctor as a woman.

What do you think a woman needs to decide in advance: will she give birth to anesthesia or not, or can it be done after the start of the takeovers?

If a woman wants to give birth to anesthetic, it is better to discuss this with a doctor in a calm atmosphere, all the possible options in advance.

What is the minimum period to be passed after some births to the next pregnancy so as not to harm the woman's health?

According to the latest world guidelines after physiological birth, the optimal period is 18 months. During this time, the mother's body is completely restored after childbirth and lactation

And finally, please, name the basic rules that will help keep women's health.

- healthy lifestyle - early onset of sexual activity - minimizing the number of sexual partners - using reliable contraception - protecting against sexually transmitted infections (condoms) - planning pregnancy - annual preventive examinations by a gynecologist

When it comes to telling children about intimate intimacy - the advice of a gynecologist
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