When the simulators are useless

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It is often the case that a person has been engaged in simulators at home for some months or even goes to the gym, but after the first encouraging success the case is stopped, progress is absent. When there is no success, regularly and conscientiously puff and pour over then gets bored - one workout is skipped, then another, gradually they are thrown at all. A familiar situation for many, is not it?

According to trainers, the main reason for the lack of success is to perform unnecessary exercises. How can this be? It turns out there is a lot of useless simulators. For example, the favorite is many simulators for bench press. His favorite is that the exercises on it are fun and tireless, in fact, just as tireless, as it is in vain. The usual, properly executed squats are much more effective, there apply the necessary muscle groups in the right sequence, and the load on the spine physiologically - that's just it is heavier and more boring than the benign foot on the simulator.

When effective simulators are useless

It should be borne in mind that even an efficient simulator can be useless. The mistakes are as follows: this kind of exercise is not right for you, or you do not do the exercises on it. These are serious errors that can lead not only to the lack of results, but worse, to health problems-disrupted muscles, damaged joints, hernias of the intervertebral disc, etc.

To the full extent, the above applies to both professional and home gymnastics. You can buy a simulator with great reviews, effective and technically perfectly suited, but if you do it incorrectly, there will be no way.

How to avoid common mistakes

Make sure the simulator is really effective, that is, it cope with the task it is called to perform. If you only

Going to buy a simulator, do not use it to think about its advertising opportunities - the information there will only be positive, but not necessarily reliable. Read feedback from those who have already used this simulator, it is best to do it on online forums, where there is a process of live communication and where custom feedback is minimized.

Do not go for the promise of ease of purchase of the desired forms. As a rule, such promises hide the complete vanity of the simulator. Remember, the muscles come in a tone when they are involved, and this work is an effort. The simulators are designed to help, but do not do the exercises for the person.

The next step: you must definitely understand how to do exercises on the simulator correctly. If you are in the gym, ask the coach to explain well to you what the purpose should be when it comes to the exercise and in which part of the body there are possible mistakes. Even if you can not afford a personal trainer, it's worth paying at least one consultation and get a detailed look at everything.

If you are at the simulator at home, do not be lazy to read the description carefully, find the Internet and watch videos about it and carefully listen to the recommendations. Do not rely on the fact that everything is clear to you - as you know, the devil is hiding in trifles.

Hopefully, our tips will help you approach the selection of simulators responsibly and deal with them correctly. And if you enter the right rhythm and you will do it again and regularly - the reward you will have a beautiful tightened body, muscular joy, good mood and cheerfulness of spirit.

When the simulators are useless

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