What you need to completely overcome cellulite

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With the correct selection of procedures you can reduce body volumes for a few days, make your knees, ankles and waist thinner, and skin younger.

When it comes to correction of overweight, severe forms of cellulite and pronounced vascular sprockets, eliminating non-aesthetic hills will be harder even in salon conditions. But whatever the problem was expressed - 20 extra pounds, hung out "breaks" - there is always a chance to significantly change the situation.

A good effect can be given by the hydromassage, the Sharko Shower, bamboo massage of the problem areas. Of course, with edema, the best choice will be drainage massage and wraps, aimed at eliminating excess fluid. Error in the treatment of cellulite - the emphasis on the effect of weight loss.

The use of traumatic methods can also create problems: bruises after vigorous massage and such complications of mesotherapy as hematomas and hemorrhages, can attract much more attention than "banal" cellulitis or swelling. It is necessary to realize that it is almost impossible to quickly achieve the pronounced changes in the line of silhouette, especially when it comes to a middle-aged woman who is not regularly engaged in sports and is not too well-groomed.

By the way, it is possible to improve the overall impression of the figure only due to the effect of well-groomed skin. Careful depilation with special wax for sensitive skin, exfoliation with soft nutrients that simultaneously ensure skin alignment, and the nutritional effect, and the effect of targeted cosmetic effects, help to get the impression of well-groomed, even and young skin.

What you need to completely overcome cellulite
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