What vitamins to take for improvement of vision?

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People who have vision problems occasionally wonder if there are vitamins for vision improvement? In this article we will try to consider this topic in more detail.

It's no secret that the quality of life depends directly on the health of our eyes, as well as the effectiveness of perceiving external information. That is why, the main point in taking care of the eyesight is the nutrition for the eyes. What foods need to eat, and what are the useful vitamins for the eyes contained in them?

Vitamins to improve vision

Everyday human eyes need useful vitamins that are important for improving vision. To save your eyesight you need to eat foods rich in vitamins.

Vitamins for the eyes:

  1. One of the main and important nutritional elements for improving vision are vitamin A (retinol) and provitamin A (carotene). Retinol is contained in eggs, butter, beef and pork liver, as well as in fish oil. The need for an organism in carotene can be filled by eating carrots, spinach, pumpkin, sorrel.
  2. Lutein - effectively protects the eyes from all sorts of diseases, useful for the prevention of age-related degeneration of the eye. Eating spinach, which is rich in lutein, can help your eyes and prolong their health.
  3. Many are aware that vitamin C is useful for health, helps to fight weakness, fatigue, strengthens the body, and also positively affects the activity of the visual apparatus (strengthens the walls of the vessels, increases visual acuity). Vitamin C is found in citrus, black currant, sea buckthorn, cranberry, apples, cabbage and other foods.

Products that include such vitamins to improve vision should stay on our desk every day, as their benefits are obvious.

Vitamins to improve vision: B vitamins

Group B vitamins are used to improve vision, as well as to restore it. This group includes such vitamins as thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin.

What foods contain vitamins B:

  1. Thiamine (vitamin B1) is also useful for improving vision. Contains in eggs, macaroni, dairy products.
  2. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) normalizes vision, protects the eyes from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. Contained in green vegetables, dairy products, sunflower seeds.
  3. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) improves vision and saves the eyes from increased fatigue. Contained in fish, milk, meat, vegetables, eggs.
  4. Tsiankobalamin (vitamin B12) - is responsible for the blood supply of the eyeball. Vitamin B12 is present in sufficient quantities in meat and dairy products, liver and eggs.

In addition to the vitamins listed above, which help to restore the eyes, no less important for the eyes are potassium and calcium contained in apples, honey, strawberries, milk and other products.

Remember: in order to maintain the health of the eyes for a long time, it is important to eat properly and diverse, including as much vitamins and trace elements as possible in your diet.

What vitamins to take for improvement of vision?
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