What to remove it with hemorrhoids

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Sweating with hemorrhoids is caused by inflammatory fluid and caustic mass, which penetrate through the anus in the fold between the buttocks.

Accordingly, anti-inflammatory, drying, astringent preparations are what you can relieve itching during hemorrhoids. In order to get rid of itching it is important to observe personal hygiene. Careful soaking after intestinal emptying will help to remove the remains of feces, bacteria and inflammatory exudates, which stand out during defecation.

The itch in this case is silent.

Candles and ointments that can be used to relieve itching during hemorrhoids

Drying and abrasive preparations are used to reduce itching. These include the bismuth compound, zinc oxide. These substances are inherent and bactericidal effect, they are contained in preparations:

  • Anusol;
  • Neo-anusol;
  • Proctase;
  • Anesthetic

To eliminate itching in internal hemorrhoids use suppositories, with external hemorrhoids, more effective ointments. But if internal hemorrhoids are accompanied by itching in the mezhjagodichnoy fold, then remove it will also help the ointment. It is better to apply the ointment on the skin around the anus after it has been washed and cleaned.

Candles to achieve the best effect is recommended to enter the back pass after emptying the intestine or cleansing enema. The multiplicity of administration of suppositories during the day is determined by the duration of the effect, and the maximum admissible number of entries is indicated in the instructions for the application of the drug.

The action of astringent and drying agents is based on the formation of a film on the surface of the mucous membrane or skin. This film prevents contact of the skin with irritating stone masses and inflammatory fluid, and also, destroying bacteria, suppresses inflammation.

If itching in the anus, associated with constant moisturizing of the skin, may help baby powder or special powder with antiseptics. The powder will absorb the inflammatory fluid and faeces that can penetrate through the weak anal sphincter.

What folk remedies can be used to relieve itching during hemorrhoids?

To remove it will help baths, lotions, microclysters with the following medicinal plants:

  • Oak bark - it has a bitter effect.
  • Chamomile - has anti-inflammatory and drying effect.
  • Calendula - has a bactericidal effect.

Applying these means for removing itching is necessary in the form of decoctions. Some of them are available in the form of candles and ointments, for example, homeopathic candles with calendula.

Alumocalic hens will also help to relieve itching during hemorrhoids, they absorb the inflammatory fluid and dry the skin. Apply them in the form of lotions and steam baths.

Another mineral detergent is clay. It can be used to relieve itching, not only with external hemorrhoids, but with internal. To do this microclimate is used with it.

An important factor in preventing and reducing itching in hemorrhoids is the patient's diet. With hemorrhoids, it is recommended to exclude sweets and baking tin, as they can provoke increased reproduction of bacteria in the intestine.

Spicy condiments, marinades, smoked foods stimulate the intestinal wall, and can also cause itching. Excluding these foods from the diet will also help reduce unpleasant sensations in the anus and the rectum with hemorrhoids.

What to remove it with hemorrhoids

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