What to do with "bags" under the eyes?

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"Bags" under the eyes are age-old changes.

Often, "bags" under the eyes are age-related changes that, unfortunately, are difficult to remove at home. But there are factors that affect their appearance, so following simple recommendations can prevent them from appearing.

"Bags" under the eyes are caused by the loss of skin of its elasticity, in addition, the turgor of the skin in all different: in some skin can sag as early as 25 years, and in some, and in 45 years, remain elastic and tightened. It depends on the genetic predisposition, but it is necessary to start the appropriate care the sooner the better.

The skin of the face, and especially under the eyes, is very sensitive to the environmental factors: sunlight, wind, frost, chlorinated water. Therefore it is necessary to protect it from such influence:

- use sun-protection creams, including in winter, - use protective creams in the winter, - do not wash with water from the tap, do not rinse with very cold or very hot water, - do not rub the skin with a towel after washing.

Also, the skin reacts to our lifestyle and food habits. Therefore, people who maintain a healthy lifestyle face skin looks much better. Doctors and cosmetologists recommend:

- abandon alcohol and smoking, - eat more vegetables and fruits, - adhere to the water balance, - do not abuse the fast food, as well as sweet, sharp and smoked food, - to exclude from the diet of products that cause allergies.

What to do with "bags" under the eyes?
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