What to do when the spine is sore?

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One of the most common symptoms of many diseases is pain in the spine. The range of causes that can cause unpleasant sensations is wide enough, because any physical and emotional stresses that are being tested are reflected in the condition of the human element's supporting element. Therefore, it is so important when suffering pain in the spine as soon as possible to seek help from a specialist.

Sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle or, conversely, intense sports and fitness can cause pain in the spine, particularly in the chest. This section consists of 12 vertebras and intervertebral discs. Since the vertebrate channel in this part is rather narrow, even with small voluminous formations (hernia, tumors, osteophyte) compression of the nerve roots and spinal cord develops.

Often, the thoracic spine of the spine hurts as a result of clogging or stretching, prolonged stay in an impenetrable position, posture disturbances, and excessive physical activity. But most often, pain is a consequence of various diseases of the spine and internal organs.

The main causes of pain in the thoracic department:

Equally important, if the spine is in the treatment of physiotherapy (electrophoresis, UHF and SMT), because they allow you to remove swelling and inflammation. In remission periods, it is recommended to practice physical therapy, but it is strictly forbidden to perform back exercises or to make sharp movements. To provide rest in the problem zone should wear a semi-rigid corset. And it is necessary to fully eat, eat more vegetables and fruits, greenery, nuts, and dairy products.

What to do when the spine is sore?
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