What to do when a baby has no teeth in 8 months

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"My son/daughter is already 8 months old. No teeth yet, and do not break through, what to do?" - Such messages often appear on blogs and on forums for moms. Is this bad and what to do in this case?

As a rule, breast teeth begin to erupt in six to eight months, and their first birthday is usually celebrated by one year old, already having several teeth in the mouth. Or rather, on the four lower and upper cutters. For about two years, the fangs and the first milk molars break through. Another six months later, there are other milk molars. The complete formation of the milk dentition is completed to approximately three years.

In 8 months there are no teeth: what to do?

What to do if there are no teeth in the child for 8 months and they do not even begin to break through? First, you do not need to worry in advance, because the delay in tearing milk or temporary teeth occurs within six months, which is considered the norm in modern stomatology. In addition, it is worth noting that the teeth in boys tend to crash later than girls. In this situation panic is inappropriate, however, it is advisable to consult a doctor at least for prevention. Because there are situations that can cause unpleasant effects, both for baby teeth and for health in general. Here are some reasons why a child has no teeth after 8 months:

  • In the case of rickets, the delay in teething can be very significant, therefore, it is necessary to examine the pediatric pediatrician and donate blood for the presence of vitamin D in the body;
  • Possible violations in the endocrine system;
  • The absence of teeth in an eight-month-old child or severe violations in the order of their appearance may be due to the absence of dental swaddlers; this defect may be manifested by a child's mother's illness during pregnancy;
  • Very slow growth, irregular shape and strange color of late teeth also requires expert advice.

How to help a child with pricking his first teeth

If a child has no teeth after 8 months, but doctors say that this is not a pathological condition, but just a late teeth, then you can help a little bit in this case without medication.

For example, you can offer baby special rubber cutters. You can buy them in specialized children's stores or pharmacies. You can also give the baby a carrot, bread crust or a piece of hard cheese. However, it should be borne in mind that it is imperative to be close and supervised, as the child can squirm. Solid food or cuttings will signal the body that the time of appearance of teeth has come. If you do not have teeth or they slowly break through after 8 months, you can also stimulate their growth a bit with solid grated food, such as peeled peanut apple or boiled carrots. They are very suitable as the first training material.

Most importantly, remember that if a toddler has no teeth in 8 months, this is not a reason for panic. In this situation, you need to provide the child with affection and care, because only the attention and love of parents can help the child. Then the appearance of the first teeth will be a real holiday not only for parents, but for the baby.

What to do when a baby has no teeth in 8 months
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