What to do if you die a tooth

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If for some reason you have got a tooth to do - this is a matter of first importance. Of course, the only correct answer is: immediately contact the dentist.

Dentistry offers a wide range of remedies in the event of a tooth loss. This means that it is no longer necessary to associate treatment with pain sensations, as well as forced dietary restrictions.

Whether to go to the doctor, if there was a tooth and what to do in such situations

Some people may say that it is quite possible to live with this unpleasant situation, especially since the tooth that had fallen was not so noticeable.

However, it should be remembered that this is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a medical one. After all, formed after the fallout of the cavity may eventually lead to problems with healthy teeth. For example, teeth next to one another can begin to shrug and swing towards the cavity, and this will cause the inflammation of their base.

The tooth, which is located in the jaw, on the contrary, can generally fall, since it will not have a natural basis. Therefore, without taking steps after the loss of one tooth, you can lose a lot, as well as acquire the development of pathologies of the oral cavity.

Methods of solving the problem

Today, dentistry can offer 2 types of services that will help solve the problem:

  • Prosthetics of teeth;
  • Tooth implantation

If a tooth falls out, the orthopedic section of dentistry can answer what to do. Indications for prosthetics are the following:

  • Left part of the tooth;
  • Completely missing all teeth;
  • Missing a few teeth

Thanks to the latest technologies in manufacturing and quality of modern materials, dentures are convenient to use, securely fixed, durable and have high aesthetic qualities. Therefore, prosthetics is one of their best options if you drop a tooth.

What to do if the tooth was part of your radiant smile? Today, prosthetics allows you to choose not only the required size, but also the shape and color of the teeth. And thanks to the latest computer technology, the parameters of the prosthesis are selected precisely and quickly.

There are two types of dentures: removable and non-removable.

Non-permanent prosthetics differ in strength, cost and aesthetic appeal. Non-permanent prosthetic restores the masticatory function with a stronger fixation.

Removable dentures are mainly used to restore partial or total loss of tooth, which makes the installation of dentures a combination of two processes: treatment of diseases of neighboring teeth and recovery of the lost.

Implantation of teeth is quite expensive pleasure, besides, in comparison with prosthetics, it takes much longer. Therefore, the need for this procedure is determined by the physician. Indications for implantation are single defects that do not affect adjacent teeth, as well as complete absence of teeth, which makes it possible to install non-removable or reliably fixed removable dentures.

In conclusion, one important thing is worth noting. If the tooth falls out, what to do? Do not panic! And of course, do not ignore the problem. You need to contact a dentist and choose the right method of treatment.

What to do if you die a tooth
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