What to do when blood tooth

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It's no secret to anyone that if you bleed your teeth, you should contact your doctor. You can also use folk remedies in addition to classical treatments, but it's best not to bring your teeth and gum to that state.

If bleeding teeth, then with confidence it can be said that an effective way of treating them will be determined only by the doctor. Bleeding gums, as a rule, is cured only with the help of complex therapy. Methods of treatment are always determined depending on the cause of the disease and the degree of its severity.

Gums Care

As you know, the best treatment is prevention. In order to keep your teeth and gums always in order, you need to know the rules of care for them. In the treatment of any disease of the oral cavity and bleeding gums, in particular, you must remember the basic rules of care for the oral cavity:

  1. Proper teeth cleaning is half the treatment of any oral cavity. Cleaning the teeth should take at least five minutes, while doing the right movements that are brushed in order to get rid of food residues.
  2. After each meal, if possible, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with boiled water.
  3. You also need to remember the existence of the brush for the language. Clearing the tongue is an important point in the care of the oral cavity, as most bacteria accumulate in the language, which can cause inflammation and gum bleeding.
  4. You need to choose a toothpaste correctly. There are special pastes that are specifically designed to treat and prevent bleeding gums. Therefore, if you bleed your teeth, you should change your toothpaste.
  5. It is necessary to pay attention to the diet. With gums inflamed, sharp and sour foods can cause additional gum irritation. Also, if you bleed your teeth, you will have to give up smoking.

Treatment of bleeding gums by rinsing

In the treatment of bleeding gums, it will be useful to use decoctions of herbs that contribute to the removal of the inflammatory process:

  • Carrot juice and blueberries are an excellent means for removing inflammation in the gums;
  • If there is not enough carrot and blueberry drink and teeth bleed, the tincture of oak bark will help you to cope effectively with this ailment;
  • Sage, chamomile, calendula and nettles will also remove inflammation.

Treatment of gum folk remedies

How to help, if gums bleed and teeth hurt, knows not only the doctor but also folk medicine:

What to do when blood tooth
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