What temperatures should i kill the child

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All parents want their baby to grow up strong and healthy, but, unfortunately, nobody is immune to common fever. Against the background of the struggle of the organism with the viruses - the pathogens of the disease and the temperature rises. This factor causes a lot of anxiety to parents, but most often in fact it turns out that there is no reason to be nervous at all.

Here we give a few facts about the infant temperature, tell us when the child needs to knock down the temperature and with what means.


First and most important: Temperature increase is not a cause for panic. The child's body fights against viruses, destroying pathogenic bacteria. This is a normal reaction to the virus coming into the body!

Interesting fact: in the era of medieval doctors and healers, people began to notice that it would be better for a person to stay in a warm, even hot environment. This is a scientific explanation - at a temperature of 37 degrees, most of the pathogenic bacteria in the human body dies. Hence the legends about the healing properties of the bath.

But we were distracted from the topic. What temperature should be pulled down in a child? The unequivocal answer is difficult to give, so parents need to take into account several factors.

  • If your baby is less than 2 months old and has a temperature, do not think about knocking it down by yourself, call the doctor right away! The infirm body of the baby is not ready for such reactions of the body, and seizures may begin.
  • Answering the question, what temperature should be beaten up to a child, it is necessary to rely on the opinion of pediatricians.

Elevated temperature Child's body is considered if it exceeded 38.5 degrees. Or if 37.5-38 is held for several days. In both of these cases, the child's body needs help.

What can you beat down a child's temperature?

The child's body is more susceptible to allergies to medical products and more susceptible to side effects, so the medicine should be chosen as thoroughly as possible.

If you think how to lower the temperature of a one-year-old child or a young child, be sure to remember: babies in any case can not give aspirin and analgin! These drugs can, in rare cases, trigger the so-called Ray's syndrome. However, this disease is difficult to treat, so it is better not to take risks and use other drugs. Paracetamol can be given in syrup. The child's version of antipyretic is much less concentrated, which means that the risk of an allergic reaction is significantly lower. However, for children of different ages, there are different medications with special indications, so it is advisable to consult a pharmacist.

So how to beat the baby correctly, if by and large you can not use medicine?

It is best to confine the so-called folk remedies.

Good effect is given to raspberry tea. Let the baby have a lot of liquid in small portions, but often. Do not cling to a baby, it's best to create a light coolness in the room - so the temperature will have a milder course.

Importantly! Do not give your child more than three doses of drugs within one day. This can provoke an increase in the fever, general weakness and vomiting - the infirm body of the baby does not tolerate large doses of drugs.

Another factor that needs to be kept in mind before deciding what and when it is necessary to lower the temperature of a child - be sure to pay attention to the behavior of the baby. If the child is within the limits of the acceptable medical norm, but the child feels great discomfort, it is necessary to give the medicine.

Importantly! Dry mouth, piercing crying in babies and one-year crumbs, severe sore throat, ear or whole body, pallor, seizures, lack of appetite for a long time, strong irritability - all these symptoms indicate that the time has come when the temperature of the baby Need to be shot down

And the last. If despite the observance of all norms in the treatment, the positive effect does not occur within three days and the baby does not go to the correction, do not think how to properly lower the temperature of the child, and do not seek new means - immediately call a doctor.

Remember: the child's body is more sensitive and sensitive to medicinal products than the adult organism, and therefore any serious treatment-related activities should be conducted under the supervision of a qualified specialist.

What temperatures should i kill the child

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