What signals of the body can testify to serious illnesses

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Our body is arranged quite flexibly and very wisely - about the danger to health, he begins to signal to a person in advance all the ways available to him. Often, the body communicates with us in the language of the inclusion of pain. It is important not to discourage, but seriously think and analyze - what is the pain, what it can mean and what to warn?

Sometimes the cause of the pain is understandable and understood - stress, stroke, lack of sleep. But when pain comes suddenly, without prerequisites and obvious reasons, it's an alarming symptom that needs to be taken care of. This will be a guarantee that in the future there will not be any serious health problems and will give a chance to correct everything in a timely manner.

So, if it appears Pain in the temporal area of ​​the head and pain in the tops. This may indicate various disruptions in the body: lack of sleep, changes in the hormonal background, intoxication and lowering of intracranial pressure - all this alone and together can be the cause of pain. The pain in the temples often occurs at the initial stages of colds or a flu-like condition. Acute pain in the nape, pain in the temples to a state of nausea - a serious reason to seek qualified help from doctors.

If you began to appear in the morning for no clear reasons headache, This is another alarm signal - so may be a problem with pressure and even a brain tumor. In this case, a mandatory survey is required.

Pain around the eye and pain in the cheekbones - The feeling is not pleasant, which is difficult to withstand without taking the horse dose of analgesics. This is a serious reason to seek help from a neurologist. Such pain may indicate abnormalities in the hypothalamus, sudden expansion of the blood vessels of the brain and disturbances in the cardiovascular system.

About the beginning of sinusitis can testify Pain in the forehead and forehead.

If you are tormented Headache and dizziness, nausea and clouding in the eyes, pulsating neck pain - It may be a signal starting osteochondrosis, hormonal failures, neuroses and depression. I am a migraine and remind myself of old head injuries. And in this case, it is important and necessary to consult the doctors.

"Heavy" head and feel of compression at the top of the head - The most common pain and signals of our body, which warns of possible fatigue, lack of oxygen, reduced motor activity and strong nervous experiences.

What signals of the body can testify to serious illnesses
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