What is the danger of smartphones for health

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All modern gadgets are very handy and firmly integrated into our everyday lives. But they also cause addiction as a mental, and moral, and physical. Particular attention should be paid to the behavior and condition of children using modern gadgets.

So, what's the danger of modern smartphones?

Injuries and accidents No matter how strange it is, smartphones become, in many cases, the causes of accidents and injuries. Almost all of us are sure that we keep everything under control, remaining extremely careful and cautious. But everything is far from the case. And it concerns both pedestrians and drivers who continue to use gadgets on the go. It is proven that 43% of active smartphone users systematically crash on the move in pillars and walls. And statistics also say that about 1.5 million people find themselves in the hospital through the use of the phone while driving!

Joint problems Recently, more and more people have begun to complain about joint pain, they suffer from wrist tendon syndrome and even do not even suspect the cause of such discomfort. As it turned out, the long pastime in one and the same position seriously affects the condition of the muscles of the tendon and nerves. Long sitting with the phone, when the arm and neck take an unnatural posture, leads to the fact that they suffer from pain. Thus, you can earn chronic diseases and muscle cramps. Fatigue from the screen They also suffer from persistent obsessions on the smartphone and our eyes that are constantly straining. This way there is a feeling of fatigue, burning, knocking and pain in the temples and the frontal area. It is worth paying more attention to your health and to the state of eyes. Otherwise you can earn a dry eye syndrome.

Inattention to attention Scientists say that people who regularly use their smartphones at the moment of talking with someone, concentrate on the heard on 37% less. As it turned out, smartphone users generally can not normally focus. Sleep problems Intense smartphone users are disturbed by normal sleep. Many people take smartphones in bed. And this can be the reason that the screen color suppresses the production of melatonin in the body and causes insomnia.

Problems with the spine Constant holding time in a bent position behind a smartphone in a position when you look at the screen from top to bottom, tilting his head heavily, and bending his neck, hunched down, may eventually lead to curvature of the spine. At the same time, the psyche suffers from a regular "freeze" over the phone screen.

What is the danger of smartphones for health
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