What provokes cramps in the legs at night

Why Your Legs Cramp At Night And How To Keep It From Happening Again (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Some people have night cramps, which cramp the pain of caviar and cause great discomfort. What is the cause of such a phenomenon as night cramps?

The appearance of muscle spasms may indicate a lack of magnesium in the body. The consequence of this may be varicose veins and diabetes. The appearance of night court can be divided into one-time and chronic. In the first case, the cause of muscle pain may be an unpleasant out of sleep during sleep, overcooling, or severe fatigue. Such infrequent cramps usually give you an idea of ​​the onset of the disease. In this case it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible and carry out an examination of the organism. Another cause of the trial may be the trauma of the legs or the spine, varicose veins, neurological diseases, inflammatory processes. Also, an initial stage of diabetes may appear in this way.

Among the main reasons for the appearance of trial at night may be a lack of magnesium in the body. This happens sometimes during pregnancy, prolonged stress, when taking medications or while observing a protein diet. It is necessary to correct the situation by taking the vitamin complex and specialized preparations containing magnesium. A great idea is to introduce coriander, parsley, dill and basil in your diet. It is necessary to consider that magnesium rich avocados, beans and lentils.

And most pleasantly - in 100 grams of dark bitter chocolate contains 200 mg of magnesium. It is worth recalling that the main purpose of magnesium - is the assistance in the absorption of calcium. Therefore, it is necessary to take magnesium simultaneously with calcium supplements. And magnesium affects the work of the brain, lowers high blood pressure and promotes the removal of stones from the gall bladder.

In order to relieve muscle cramps that have begun, one has to stand on the heel foot, in which pain arose. Hands to well massage the tense muscle area. If seizures stopped and pain did not go, it is necessary to tightly cling to the elastic band with the entire leg, knee-bending.

Do not hurt to re-evaluate your diet. To enter into your routine morning gymnastics and showers, you can replace a complex of sports exercises by jogging or walking on fresh air.

As a prophylactic of night-time vessels, you can use contrasting baths, massage, wool socks at bedtime.

What provokes cramps in the legs at night

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