What provokes back pain?

What Causes Low Back Pain - Real Pain Doctor Explains (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Lateral - one of the most vulnerable parts of the spine, which constantly withstands heavy loads. What can cause back pain.

Firstly, It is a weakening of the muscles and ligaments that, as a corset, hold the vertebra in the correct position. There is such a phenomenon due to lack of physical activity, when a person is either sitting or lying, will undergo a long static load (for example, at constant sitting at the computer).

Second, Back pain may be caused by a posture disorder, which leads to the distortion of the entire vertebral column.

Third, The cause of pain may be the change in the structure of intervertebral disks - for example, the destruction of cartilage, which serve as a kind of shock absorbers. This process leads to the formation of osteochondrosis or hernia, which is a very painful phenomenon. They have many reasons for themselves, from hypodynamics to excessive loads and autoimmune disorders.

Fourthly, Injuries to the back of the spine can be provoked (not necessarily only fractures or strokes, but also injuries, for example, from uncomfortable footwear or activities in the gym without advisory assistance from the trainers).

Fifthly, Another reason for lower back pain is the change in the structure of the vertebrae, as is the case with osteoporosis, when their density decreases, or in the tumor of the vertebrae.

Sixth, Not characteristic of our spine, which he initially did not count on - sharp turns, inclinations and heaviness on straightened legs.

Seventh, A constant pain reflex in the spine can cause excess body weight - extra pounds only increase the load on the waist.

Eighth, It can begin to sore transversely through accumulated in the body as a whole salts in case of malnutrition or in case of disturbance of metabolism.

Ninth, Hypothermia of the lumbar vera can also respond to pain and lead to inflammation of the nerve root - radiculitis.

What provokes back pain?

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