What products can be poisoned in the summer

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In the summer, bacteria in foods multiply at an extraordinary rate, so some foods should be eaten with extreme caution. The very first rule in any season should be thorough hand washing and similar products, doing it anytime and anywhere you reduce the risk of bacteria getting into your body, thus avoid poisoning.

So, let's consider what products can lead to poisoning in the summer:

1. Ready-made meat dishes and products, such as: kebab, shawarma, hot dog and so on. Any food bought on the street may be infected with bacteria.

2. Canned. How do we know that non-compliance with engineering preparation of canned food they can grow bacteria, and in particular botulinum toxin, which causes the disease botulism, which is a list of the worst food poisoning.

3. Raw meat and fish. These products must be properly stored and subjected to heat treatment. Do not buy meat and fish on spontaneous markets, where they lie under the sun.

4. Eggs. On their shell can live salmonella - one of the most poisonous bacteria, which leads to serious poisoning, sometimes ends with a lethal outcome. Eggs should always be washed before breaking, as well as carefully observe the terms of their suitability. Infectious disease in summer recommend not to drink raw eggs.

5. Confectionery products with protein cream should also not be eaten on hot days, as they have the ability to spoil at high temperatures. And besides, cakes and cakes are very heavy in the stomach in the summer.

6. Ready-made salads with mayonnaise. It has long been known that dishes prepared in the cuisine departments can be stored and sold for several days incorrectly, which is strictly prohibited. Prepare salads at home and refuel them directly before serving.

7. Dairy products, such as cheeses, yoghurts, desserts and others. These products have a short shelf life, so carefully study the details of the life of the package, if the end date is 1-2 days, it is better not to buy this product.

One of the most favorite summer products is fish, it can be dried, salted or smoked, but most important for you - fresh and cooked by all rules. It is desirable not to buy not gutted fish, because in the inwards can live bacteria and toxins, which immediately put you on a hospital bed.

What products can be poisoned in the summer
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