What a mother can "break" the psyche of her child

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Mom is the main word and, the only one in the world, the closest person, at least for the child. Children are often subjected to violence, it is psychological, and the culprit of all this is the mother mother. With all its love for children, a woman may inadequately behave in one or another situation, but psychologists say that most mothers break their anger at children when they are in a deadlock and do not know what to do and how to do it.

Psychologists have compiled a list of actions that a mother can break her child's psyche from childhood:

1 Mom beats the child about and without him. When a child receives a "pop" or a portion of slippers, she learns that everything in the world can be achieved and any problem solved with the help of force. Children who were beaten in childhood grow up evil, aggressive, unable to be friends, to love and respect the people around them. Psychologists insist on never using physical force in relation to children, of course, if you want your child to grow up to be a full-fledged, kind, self-confident person.

2 Mother screams. When she screams about her or begins to fear, or try and "crush", stomp her legs, spread toys, and some children even throw at moms with fists - it's difficult to call a child mentally healthy. Psychotherapists claim that the cry will not result in the desired result ever, only a calm and respectful communication with the baby will help you achieve what you want.

3 Mom threatens, and then changes her decision to the opposite. Very often mothers are incoherent, they for one minute forbade the child something, and when it begins to cry bitterly - then immediately allow what they have just banned. Always stick with your decision and stand on your own; otherwise, the child will get used to the fact that by his hysterics, he can achieve everything he desires, then you will not raise her, but she is you, and this is not very good in terms of psychology.

4 Mum humorates. Very often, mothers do not restrain their emotions and to at least somehow reach out to the child, they begin to point her to her main disadvantages. It would seem that for a mother, a child is always perfect and "her" is not in her competence, but for some reason women have taken the habit of offending and humiliating their children, pointing to their appearance, their mental faculties, their character, and so on. The psyche of such a child breaks down, as a rule, the child grows up in a complicated, lonely, unnecessary man, whom everyone around humiliates, laugh at her, make jokes about it, etc.

5 Mom does not kiss and does not take on the pens. In fact, the emotional coldness of mother will not bring anything good, with such an attitude between mother and child, a barrier that, by the middle of life, will be like a huge fence, through which a mother never reaches her child. Kissing, loving, stroking, hugging, wearing children's hands is not because they deserve it, but because it's your baby, you gave it yourself and gave it birth, it's a piece of you that should not motivate you to encourage.

What a mother can "break" the psyche of her child
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