What sports can do with a ill-back

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A back spine does not put a cross in sports and an active lifestyle.

Despite the obvious difficulties, people with back problems have plenty of sports and active recreation.

Regular exercise of special exercises will help to reduce discomfort to a minimum or even get rid of an unpleasant illness. It is only necessary to correct the dosage of loads under the control of experts and perseverance.

Do not abandon loads, but do not engage in self-medication

The main mistakes that are most often tolerated by the inexperience of people who are faced with problems with the back are inactivity and self-medication.

In the first case, patients are afraid to carry out any exercises that involve loading on the muscles of the back. As a result, the muscles are atrophied, and the pain not only does not subsist, but eventually become stronger.

When self-healing, the types of training are often chosen or inappropriate, or their intensity and duration are miscalculated. As a result, a person may get complications.

Therefore, before registering for any workout or beginning to engage in a particular sport independently, you should consult with a surgeon or a traumatologist.

It will help you to correctly assess the extent of damage and, accordingly, schedule a visit to training or other sports.


In modern medical practice, the appointment of people with a sick back and therapy is very popular - a number of procedures, which are based on riding a patient on a horse.

Clinical studies have shown that such classes are not only beneficial to mental illnesses, but also patients with disorders in the work of the musculoskeletal system.

Especially popular is this type of treatment in children, since contact with the animal along with the physiological effect on the spine and across positively affects the mood, multiplying the effect of training.


During a swim, the load is evenly distributed to the muscles of the back, legs, arms, thus reducing the risk of injury, strengthening the musculature of the problem zone.

However, not all swimming styles will be useful in this case. So, for example, the butterfly is not very recommended because of the increased load on the back, but swimming with a brace on the back or moderate pace free style will undoubtedly improve health.

Gymnastics complexes

Not being a sport in its essence, pilates, yoga and qigong are often used during training by professional athletes.

A set of exercises combining the setting of breathing, stretching and exercise, positively affects the general state of the body and the work of the musculoskeletal system in particular.

In some cases, the qigong school shows so striking results that a number of exercises of this eastern technique have been taken to the medical facilities of China and Tibet.

Archery and melee sports

A separate category of sports accessible to people with a sick back is shooting. It can be either a ball (shooting from a pneumatic or firearm), or a bench (firing on flying plates). There is also archery.

Due to the fact that the athlete most of the time is in a static standing or lying position, the load on the back muscles is rather small. This feature allows you to shoot even people with serious disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Today, firing from a pistol and onion is included in the program of not only Olympic but also Paralympic games.

Chess and checkers

If none of the above types of sports is attracted due to the necessary activity and level of loads on the body, you can always devote yourself to more relaxed sports such as chess or checkers. It's not only exciting games, but also a great way to spend time, find new friends and develop intelligence.

In any case, the choice is always, and there is no need to hang on to any one kind of sport.

What sports can do with a ill-back
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