What kind of inhaler to buy for a baby?

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Modern manufacturers produce many different inhalation devices. In this article, we will consider the most common types of inhalers and note their positive and negative sides.

Types of inhalers

Usually, when appointing an inhaler, the doctor recommends a specific type or even model of the device. However, sometimes it happens that the consumer decides to purchase an inhaler on his own, so let's look at their main types:

  • Steam;
  • Membranous;
  • Compressor

Steam inhalers are now practically not used. The fact is that most modern medicines, under the influence of temperature, decompose and lose their properties. For this reason, steam inhalers can only be used with decoction of medicinal herbs, mineral water and salt solutions.

Membrane inhalers are also called nebulizers. Vibrating membrane is used for spraying drugs in such devices. The body of such devices is small enough, so they can be taken on a trip or to the cottage. When using membrane nebulizers, it is worthwhile to take into account that some drugs, when exposed to high-frequency vibration, lose their properties.

The most popular and versatile are compressor nebulizers. To create an aerosol, such instruments use a compressed air jet. In a compressor nebulizer, you can usually adjust the size of the drop. As the only disadvantages of such devices, some cumbersome and high cost can be called.

How to choose a manufacturer

Inhalers and nebulizers produce many companies. For example, on the site Medtechnika.com.ua inhalers are represented by 21 manufacturers.

In order to get a really reliable inhaler for a child, you must follow some simple rules:

  • Never buy an instrument on the advice of anyone;

  • Before buying, find the maximum number of reviews for the selected product;
  • Only select devices from trusted manufacturers.

Everyone wants to save. However, saving on medical devices is usually inappropriate. When you buy a cheap Chinese device, you can not only spend money on poor-quality goods, but also jeopardize your child's health. When buying inhalers, be sure to request all necessary documentation for the product.

What kind of inhaler to buy for a baby?
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