What is a thrush and how to deal with it?

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One of the most terrible and widespread female diseases of the reproductive system is the thrush (candidiasis). The fungus is a thrush agent, it affects the mucous membrane of the vagina, thereby provoking the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, which faces practically every second representative of the beautiful sex.

The milk farm instantly reduces immunity, so it becomes a "green light" for venereal and other chronic forms of various diseases. Occurrence of thrush can just at the moment when the body of a woman is weakened, it may be general unstable state of health, reduced immunity, pregnancy, disruption of the urinary-sexual system, disrupted hormonal background and so on.

Should not be considered a thrush, as a purely female illness, it is transmitted sexually, so a man can become a carrier of thrush just like a woman. To get a closed circle. If a woman who is ill with a throat and a healthy man has an intercourse, then he gets infected right away and he will have to be treated with a woman.

What are the symptoms of thrush?

1. Itching and smoking of the genital organs and vagina that occur just like that during sexual intercourse or menstruation.

2. Selection, similar in appearance to cheese.

3. Bad smell of emissions.

4. Pain in the abdomen and in the vagina.

5. Men report pain during urination and redness, itching, edema of the external genital organs.

Preventive measures that will help you not to catch the thrush:

1. It is necessary to wear high-quality cotton underwear. Synthetic tissues contribute to the reproduction of bacteria.

2. If you are relaxing at sea or near the river, change your wet swimsuit, changing it to dry, because in a humid environment, candidiasis develops very quickly.

3. Limit the consumption of sweet foods, sugar can change the level of acidity in the vagina.

4. You must have a personal towel, a soap, a toilet for personal hygiene that nobody else can use.

5. Stress can provoke the appearance of a milk thistle, so calm down and do not be nervous because of trifles. If you can not handle stress yourself, then take soothing pills.

If you find at least one suspicious symptom of a thrush, immediately go to a doctor and do not practice self-medication, because it can only worsen the situation.

What is a thrush and how to deal with it?
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