What is this decapolored tooth

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Decoupled tooth is a tooth with a remote pulp (nerve). In addition to the nerve, the pulp includes blood, lymphatic vessels and connective tissue. What causes depulpirovaniya tooth?

Decapolition of the tooth is a removal of the vascular-nerve pulp of the tooth. The pulp is a loose cloth that fills the cavity of the tooth and feeds it from the inside. Absolutely every tooth has an apical opening, but the number of these openings depends on the number of roots. Through this opening in the tooth penetrate the nerve fibers and blood vessels, through which he receives nutrients that provide his regenerative ability, which depulpted tooth completely does not possess.

Ability of a healthy tooth

These abilities are the deposition of substitution dentin and prevention of autopsy and infection of the pulp. Nerve fibers, in turn, control the regulation of nutrition. In addition, nerve education provides a tooth for the perception of various stimuli, such as:

  • cold;
  • warm;
  • sweet;
  • Sour

It is also worth noting that in the presence of diseases, nerve fibers responsibly react to certain stimuli, which contributes to the differential diagnosis.

Depulpated tooth completely deprived of the above abilities, so the life of his life is greatly reduced. This is due to the fact that such a tooth without internal nutrition becomes extremely delicate. However, "put the cross" on the depulpted tooth is not worth it. Today, with competent and qualitative treatment, depilated teeth are able to serve their owners for a long time. The main and fundamental requirement for depulpirovanii, of course, is quality sealing of root canals and treatment.

Causes of depulpation

Depulphy tooth is necessary for such diagnoses as.

  1. Deep Caries. Most often, there is a reason for pulpitis and periodontitis. Deep caries strikes a fairly significant amount of tissue, completely sits on the tooth decoration. As a result, a tooth with a remote pulp is almost inevitable.
  2. Pulpitum (inflammation of the pulp). Unfortunately, today there is no possibility of treating such inflammation, so the inflamed pulp is subject to mandatory removal.
  3. Periodontitis Even if the inflammatory process in the periapical tissues is localized, the source of the infection in the pulp chamber remains. Therefore, treatment usually begins with its removal.
  4. Injury tooth. Injury can lead to tearing inside the tooth of the vascular-nerve beam, as a result of the pulp dies. Also, due to injury, the crown fracture can break off, which contributes to the appearance of the pulp. In both cases, the tooth is necessarily depulpted.

The decoupled tooth is still not a tragedy associated with the loss of a living tooth, but requires dental manipulation. Therefore, if this happens, do not worry much, it is better to pay proper attention to healthy teeth.

What is this decapolored tooth
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