What is "tennis elcot"?

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A "tennis elbow" is a pain in the elbow caused by strain of the muscles of the shoulder and the forearm. Widespread among professional tennis players.

From a medical point of view, the "tennis elbow" is inflammation of the articular capsule of the elbow, which may occur not only from tennis players or, say, golfers, but even from office workers.

In general, everyone who has to strain the muscles of his hands.

Due to the excessive load on this muscle group, dystrophic processes that localize in the area of ​​attachment of muscles to the outer supraclavicle of the humerus may start in it. If it is also ignited, there is an epicondylitis, which, in essence, is called the "tennis elbow".

"Tennis elbow" usually occurs in the leading hand: if you are right-handed, it will be a right hand, and vice versa, but may arise and dominate the hand, as well as in both hands.

Tennis Elbow: Symptoms

  • Aggravated pain in the elbow, slowly spreading all over the arm;
  • Sharp pain in the elbow;
  • Pain in the elbow with handshake;
  • Pain in the wrist when moving objects (even the lungs - a knife, forks, a toothbrush).

Risk group

Strangely enough, the "tennis elbow" is a fairly widespread problem. According to various data, from this pathology suffers from 2% to 4% of adults (that is, not less than 200 million people around the world).

At the same time, every second tennis player (professional and amateur) is inevitably faced with the disease.

However, it is considered that only every twentieth diagnosis of "tennis elbow" is related directly to the title sport.

The "tennis elbow" affects both men and women. Most of them are at the age from 30 to 50 years, although in principle, the pathology affects both children and adolescents.

Signs of the disease

Signs of the disease are pain in the elbow. It is the physician (surgeon, traumatologist, or specialist in the field of sports medicine) that can make a preliminary diagnosis, and after the completion of special physical tests, the final one and appoint a treatment.

Inflammation with the "tennis elbow" will manifest itself in the indicators of biochemical analysis of blood, rarely epicondylitis is diagnosed with X-ray.

Tennis Elbow: How to Reduce Pain

  • Not to deal with matters causing pain in the injured elbow;
  • To apply ice;
  • Use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (only after talking with a doctor);
  • Visit a doctor to have he prescribed treatment.

How to cure "tennis elbow"

It is only possible to treat the "tennis elbow" after the pain in the affected elbow has become tolerated.

Treatment involves a number of exercises to strengthen the muscles and tendons around the patient's elbow. Any activity that causes pain in this area should be avoided.

How to avoid problems

The only way to avoid the development of pathology - to reduce the burden on the muscles of the arm.

To do this, use appropriate equipment for sports (work) and wound bandages around the injured elbow (forearms).

How to live on

Statistics are as follows: over 95% of people suffering from this disease can be fully cured and only 5% need periodic medical care, possibly in surgical treatment.

However, 80-90% of the people who have undergone the surgery can then return to their former occupations in full after it.

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