What is the dentist's review

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Have you ever wondered why the Association of Dentists (like your treating physician) is so strongly recommending preventive reviews every six months? And this is done for one simple reason. It is a regular review of the dentist that is the key to the health of the gums and teeth.

Between regular visits to a dentist is very important to observe oral hygiene, and if necessary, you should more often come on a routine review to a dentist.

Checking teeth for caries is just part of a thorough dental examination. The dentist-hygienist examines the gum, oral cavity, and maxillofacial area to detect symptoms of oral, cord or vitamin D deficiency or diabetes during prophylactic examination. Also, do not be surprised if the doctor will check the violation of the facial structure, the activity of the salivary glands, the movement of the temporomandibular joint and bite. Then the dentist can appoint a professional cleaning and give advice on how to properly maintain oral hygiene at home in between prophylactic examinations.

That includes a regular dental prophylactic examination

Regular examination at the dentist includes an overview of the pharynx, tongue, gums, and oral cavity. Also distinguish external examination and clinical examination.

  1. External examination of the maxillofacial area includes:
  • Testing of lymph nodes;
  • Person review;
  • Examination of the mandibular joint;
  • Neck review.
  1. Clinical dental examination includes:
  • Detection of symptoms of gum disease;
  • Gum examination;
  • Bite check;
  • Tooth mobility review;
  • Check of closing of teeth;
  • Check for damaged seals;
  • Visual inspection for caries;
  • X-ray examination;
  • Language overview;
  • Check for broken teeth;
  • Checking the state of crowns and dentures;
  • Review of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

What is a toothbrush?

If you came to the dentist's review, then the cleaning and the process of examination of the teeth are following the plan:

What is the dentist's review
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