What is special school for the blind children

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Very often, parents, when determining a child in a specialized boarding school, do not even suspect what it is and what waits for a child after it is completed.

Special school is:

  • Institution where teachers working with defectologic education and qualification work, tiflopedagogues who possess methods and techniques of teaching blind children (they can teach an blind child everything that their peers are taught in a regular school);
  • A school equipped with special equipment for the education and education of blind children (as part of the school curriculum, children receive not only knowledge of basic disciplines but also many life-skills);
  • A school in which the course lasts for 12 years, not 11 (for children with a disturbed vision, learning is harder);
  • A school where professionals work, whose main task is to preserve the sight of the child, as well as give him the opportunity to adapt in the modern world (direct involvement in this is taken by psychologists, rehabilitants, teachers of physical culture, etc.);
  • A school in which the number of students is several times smaller than in a regular, mass school (10 to 12 people), so the teacher has the opportunity to pay more attention to each child.

A special school is, above all, an orphanage institution where the child spends the whole week, and sometimes even a quarter, and life in such institutions is entirely reminiscent of family upbringing.

There are enough disadvantages to studying at a specialized school:

  • Pupils usually do not know how to communicate with outsiders, they are not able to interact in society;
  • Children have a low level of interaction with their parents;
  • Studying in such a school forms an indifferent attitude of parents towards the formation of the personality of their child, especially if there are other children;
  • Often blind people can not forgive treason from their parents, believing that they have thrown them.

Thus, the parents of the blind child need to be considered before giving the child to a special school. If there is no other option, then do not forget about it and be sure to come and take it home not only on vacation, but also at any time possible.

What is special school for the blind children
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