What is the danger of a cold on the legs?

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The cold on the legs may be fraught with severe consequences.

Many employers are hostile to employees who do not go out to work at the slightest inconvenience, and it is uncomfortable to take hospital due to undead, therefore, we often carry light chills "on the legs".

The main disadvantage of fighting colds "on the legs" - with the apparent instantaneous effect of this problem in fact, it can significantly worsen. A cold on the legs can cause severe complications.

Fever "on the legs" is the enemy of immunity

Moving the cold "on the legs", a person strikes on his own immunity. And it's connected with the legs: there are dozens of biologically active points on them, which, when walking, give signals to the central nervous system that the body needs to provide proper activity.

When a cold from the immune system in the "center of management of the organism" begin to arrive completely opposite to the outgoing: the need for rest and allocation of additional reserves for the fight against infection. And if a person instead of a bed resting colds "on his feet", in this very "center" there is dissonance through conflicting requests. This leads to malfunctioning of the immune system, antibodies can begin to be produced against the body's own cells, which leads to autoimmune diseases.

This is just one of the possible mechanisms for the development of autoimmune diseases. However, medical statistics are unrelenting: most often they are the result of a cold on the legs.

Boomerang effect

Frequent situations when the cold on his feet in a week and a half or two weeks returns again and in a more serious form.

Among the complications you can distinguish:

  • Sinusitis
  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • otitis.

Severe and more severe complications are also excluded, it is also a result of a cold on the legs: endocarditis, for example, may be the result of quinine.


Cold diseases - viral by nature and, therefore, contagious. And the infection is not in the open air, but in the room: an office, a shop, a transport, etc. The most active disseminators of infection are those who prefer to overcome the cold "on the legs".

If talk about labor relations, then a prudent employer should be interested in giving a sick worker the opportunity to sleep at home, and even insist on this, and not put at risk of infecting himself and the whole team.

What is the danger of a cold on the legs?
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