What is osteoarthritis of the spine

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Osteoarthrosis of the spine is a deforming osteoarthritis of the individual joints of the spine, that is, vertebrae.

Osteoarthrosis of the spine is a deforming osteoarthritis of the individual joints of the spine, that is, vertebrae. In this disease there is a defeat of the cartilage with the formation of bone enlargements of the bodies of the vertebrae itself, causing their deformation, in contrast to the osteochondrosis, in which the cartilage of the intervertebral disk and the body of the vertebra without sprouts is spoiled. Another important difference is the development of toughness in osteoarthritis and vice versa, abnormal mobility of the vertebrae in osteochondrosis, leading to distortion of the spine.

Osteoarthritis can occur as a result of injury, lack of vitamins, metabolic disorders, allergies and diseases of the nervous system. It is believed that diseases of the osteoarthrosis of the spine are more prone to people who are engaged in heavy physical labor, or who have suffered a spine injury.

Osteoarthritis of the spine

In case of osteoarthrosis of the spine, a person feels soreness in the places of injury, tiredness of the spine, rapid fatigue of the back muscles. Very often accompanies lumbar sacral scars, less commonly - cervical. It is noted pain in the course of nerve fibers, for example, with accompanying cervical radiculitis there is pain on the front surface of the shoulder, pain in the back and arm remains. Gradually developing bending of the joints, with atrophy of individual muscles and contractures, especially in the presence of osteoarthrosis of the shoulder joint.

The figure of the patient changes, there are unnatural movements and lameness. Bone extensions squeeze and irritate the surrounding tissues, causing acute inflammation, swelling and pain. Life without pain in the back becomes a patient's dream, pain accompanies it around the clock, exhausts and exhausts the nervous system. But the treatment of osteoarthrosis of the shoulder joint usually begins faster than the osteoarthrosis of the spine. The fact is, hands are needed in everyday life and for work, on the hands of the change of small joints and contracture are immediately noticeable.

Treatment of osteoarthrosis of the shoulder joint is the same as the spine or pelvic gastrointestinal osteoarthrosis, and only therapeutic physical culture is different. It also initially reduces the pain and inflammation of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ketonal, ksefokam, celebrex), then restores cartilage by special means (Don, Teraflex, Rumanop) and physiotherapy. In recent years, integrated treatment includes a synthetic hormone calcitonin, as proved its active effect on articular cartilage and analgesic effect. Mandatory massage of peripheral muscles, up to the brush.

Therapeutic exercise involves all muscle flexors and extensor arms adjacent to the shoulder of the affected osteoarthrosis, their enhanced development to prevent dryness and contracture (irreversible pulling of individual muscles or scratching your fingers). A rigorous sequence of exercises using the brush expander is used. A patient needs a lot of will and patience to keep progress from getting sick.

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What is osteoarthritis of the spine
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