What is menger's disease?

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Meniere's disease - a disease manifested by attacks of dizziness, noise in the ears and hearing loss and is associated with increased fluid pressure in the structures of the inner ear.

Menier's disease is mostly found in women aged 30-50. Unidentified all factors that cause its development, but it is considered that plays a role innate inferiority of the structures of the inner ear, and improve the tone of the parasympathetic system, occurs against a background of vascular dystonia.

The direct cause of the attack is an increase in the volume of endolymph in the inner ear and an increase in the pressure in the labyrinth. Wound up attacks include stress, fatigue, alcohol use, high noise, sharp light, feverish condition.

Symptoms of Menier's disease

The first symptom that will appear before the onset of dizziness is a periodic eruption of the ear, which eventually becomes permanent.

Then tinnitus begins accompanied by bouts of dizziness, loss of balance, hearing (usually in one ear, sometimes in two), with nausea and vomiting. Such a state can last from several hours to several days and is very painful for the patient, since at this time he can not stand, move and sit. Typically, this occurs in patients with nystagmus (unconscious movement of the eyeballs), sweating, low blood pressure, pale skin and mucous membranes, severe weakness.

At the beginning of the disease, attacks occur several times a year, with adverse development often more than a few times a week. In periods between attacks, patients can feel healthy, but almost all of them have a gradual decrease in hearing with the development of bilateral deafness. The noise in the ear also increases gradually.

The disease can last for decades and leads to disability of the patient. At the same time note the following fact: the more deafness increases, the less frequent the attacks of dizziness, they become less pronounced, and in the development of deafness can completely stop.

Basic methods of diagnosis of Menier's disease

  • Audiometry (allows you to determine the degree of severity of hearing impairment, anatomical level of damage, etc.).
  • Electrococlereography (to assess the state of the inner ear).
  • Conducting temperature and dehydration tests.
  • Vestibularometric studies,
  • Magnetic resonance imaging and others.

Treatment of Menier's disease

It is not possible to achieve complete treatment of Menier's disease, but you can reduce the frequency and severity of the attacks. During an attack, the patient should be provided with complete rest (bed rest with the exclusion of any irritating factors - bright light, noise, sharp sounds), light diet, antispasmodics, neuroleptics.

Of great importance is dehydration therapy, aimed at reducing the pressure in the inner ear (diuretics), the introduction of antihistamines, if necessary, prescribe glucocorticoids.

In addition to exacerbation, patients are prescribed drugs that improve the state of the central nervous system and its blood supply, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, reflexotherapy.

In the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment, surgical treatment is performed: endolymphatic secretion, fibers dissection VIIII pairs of cranial nerves, tympanosimathectomy and other types of operations.

What is menger's disease?
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